Writer  Zien Zhang (screenplay)

Writer Zien Zhang (screenplay)

Movies by Chinawood Writer Zien Zhang (screenplay)

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Writer Zien Zhang (screenplay) Biography

 Zien Zhang (screenplay)
Name: Zien Zhang (screenplay)

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male




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Movies Written by Zien Zhang (screenplay)

 Zien Zhang (screenplay) The Magic Braid Movie
The Magic Braid

Magic Braid filmed the novel by Feng Tszitsaya (1942). The film tells about a rustic merchant soy bad Second owning family style battle scythe, which, due to circumstances became embroiled in a conflict with the underworld Tianjin....

Cantonese   1986   98 min   Zien Zhang (screenplay)   2020-07-23
 Zien Zhang (screenplay) Legend of the Drunken Tiger Movie
Legend of the Drunken Tiger

The story of some Chinese reformers who escape from the Qing army and later battle the foreign expeditionary force during the Boxer Rebellion....

Mandarin   1990   93 min   Zien Zhang (screenplay)   2020-03-31
 Zien Zhang (screenplay)

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