Writer Zi'en Cui

Writer Zi'en Cui

Movies by Chinawood Writer Zi'en Cui

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Writer Zi'en Cui Biography

Zi'en Cui
Name: Zi'en Cui

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male




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Last updated 2020-04-08 16:33:02

Movies Written by Zi'en Cui

Zi'en Cui Pirated Copy Movie
Pirated Copy

A portrait of contemporary Chinese society based on the ubiquitous illegal trade in pirated D.V.D.s....

Mandarin   2004   90 min   Zi'en Cui   2020-09-12
Zi'en Cui Feeding Boys, Ayaya Movie
Feeding Boys, Ayaya

A Christian virgin tries to save gay male prostitutes when his brother becomes one....

Mandarin, English   2003   79 min   Zi'en Cui   2020-07-16
Zi'en Cui Enter the Clowns Movie
Enter the Clowns

When Xiao Bo's father, who had a sex change and wants to be called mom, is dying, he insists on having the taste of Xiao's milk (sperm) when he dies, so he gives him head. Soon after, he ......

Mandarin   2002   82 min   Zi'en Cui   2020-07-16
Zi'en Cui Men and Women Movie
Men and Women

Xiao Bo arrives in Beijing, gets a job at a boutique, and is invited to stay with his lady boss, Ah Qing, and her husband, Kang. Knowing that Xiao Bo is still single, Ah Qing recommends her......

Mandarin   1999   89 min   Zi'en Cui   2020-04-08
Zi'en Cui

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