Writer Zhengqiu Zheng

Writer Zhengqiu Zheng

Movies by Chinawood Writer Zhengqiu Zheng

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Writer Zhengqiu Zheng Biography

Zhengqiu Zheng
Name: Zhengqiu Zheng

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male




Writer Website:

Last updated 2020-03-29 15:21:30

Movies Written by Zhengqiu Zheng

Zhengqiu Zheng Twin Sisters Movie
Twin Sisters

Twin girls separated at birth are reunited when the one raised in poverty becomes a servant in the household of her sister, now the pampered wife of a warlord general....

Mandarin   1934   82 min   Zhengqiu Zheng   2020-04-07
Zhengqiu Zheng Gua ming de fu qi Movie
Gua ming de fu qi

Before her birth, a girl is betrothed by her parents to a dull-witted man. As she grows to adulthood, she makes several unsuccessful attempts to get out of the arranged marriage, but at ......

N/A   1927   N/A   Zhengqiu Zheng   2020-04-06
Zhengqiu Zheng Burning of the Red Lotus Monastery Movie
Burning of the Red Lotus Monastery

This movie was adapted from a newspaper serial (Strange Tales of the Adventurer in the Wild Country) and released in 18 feature-length parts over a period of 3 years (1928-31). In its ......

N/A   1928   N/A   Zhengqiu Zheng   2020-04-04
Zhengqiu Zheng The Boxer from Shandong Movie
The Boxer from Shandong

N/A   1927   N/A   Zhengqiu Zheng   2020-04-04
Zhengqiu Zheng Zhi guo yuan Movie
Zhi guo yuan

Cheng the fruit seller is in love with the daughter of his neighbor the doctor, but the good doctor won't let him marry her unless Chang finds him more patients. With some creative ......

N/A   1922   30 min   Zhengqiu Zheng   2020-03-28
Zhengqiu Zheng

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