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Writer Ying Ning

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 Ying Ning
Name: Ying Ning

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male




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Movies Written by Ying Ning

 Ying Ning Wu qiong dong Movie
Wu qiong dong

Mandarin   2005   90 min   Ying Ning   2020-09-23
 Ying Ning Railroad of Hope Movie
Railroad of Hope

Mandarin   2002   56 min   Ying Ning   2020-06-10
 Ying Ning I Love Beijing Movie
I Love Beijing

A voyage through modern day Beijing in the taxi of the womanising Dezi. His aimless drifting between destinations and women is much like Beijing's own search for identity between perishing ancient values and an uncertain future....

Mandarin   2001   97 min   Ying Ning   2020-05-01
 Ying Ning Min jing gu shi Movie
Min jing gu shi

Take crime out of police work, and what's left is procedures. In the western sector of Beijing, we follow the tedium of police officers. A rabid dog is loose in Guoli's beat: a gang of ......

Mandarin   1995   102 min   Ying Ning   2020-03-31
 Ying Ning Zhao le Movie
Zhao le

A charming story of a group of senior citizens who set up a Peking Opera club in hopes of finding revitalization through singing and dancing. Fast paced and delightful....

Mandarin   1993   97 min   Ying Ning   2020-03-31
 Ying Ning

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