Writer Xiaoshuai Wang

Writer Xiaoshuai Wang

Movies by Chinawood Writer Xiaoshuai Wang

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Writer Xiaoshuai Wang Biography

Xiaoshuai Wang
Name: Xiaoshuai Wang

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Gender: Male




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Movies Written by Xiaoshuai Wang

Xiaoshuai Wang Shanghai Dreams Movie
Shanghai Dreams

In the 1980s, encouraged by the government, a large number of families leave Chinese cities to settle in the poorer regions of the country, in order to develop local industry. The film's ......

Mandarin, Shanghainese   2005   123 min   Xiaoshuai Wang   2020-09-09
Xiaoshuai Wang Drifters Movie

The young adult life of Hong Yunsheng, nicknamed Little Brother, is seen as somewhat of a failure by those that know him. A Chinese national, he stowed away on a boat to the United States, ......

Mandarin   2003   120 min   Xiaoshuai Wang   2020-07-11
Xiaoshuai Wang Beijing Bicycle Movie
Beijing Bicycle

A seventeen-year-old country boy working in Beijing as a courier has his bicycle stolen, and finds it with a schoolboy his age....

Mandarin   2001   113 min   Xiaoshuai Wang   2020-04-30
Xiaoshuai Wang So Close to Paradise Movie
So Close to Paradise

Two young farm workers, who like millions of others, leave their village to seek their fortunes in the city. Each chose a vastly different path to make it and become embroiled in ......

Mandarin   1998   93 min   Xiaoshuai Wang   2020-04-07
Xiaoshuai Wang Frozen Movie

A young performance artist decides to make his own suicide his last work of art. On the longest day of the year, he plans to melt a huge block of ice with his own body heat and die of ......

N/A   1996   99 min   Xiaoshuai Wang   2020-04-01
Xiaoshuai Wang The Great Game Movie
The Great Game

Frozen (original title The Great Game) takes place in China, a few years after Tiananmen Square events, and tells the story of a young art performer who decides to orchestrate his suicide in four acts, each inspired by a seasonal ritual....

Mandarin   1994   N/A   Xiaoshuai Wang   2020-03-31
Xiaoshuai Wang The Days Movie
The Days

In a misguided effort to teach his brother independence, Zi Long introduces him to his delinquent gang. His decision throws them in to a violent world that will in different ways, imprison them both....

Mandarin   1993   80 min   Xiaoshuai Wang   2020-03-31
Xiaoshuai Wang

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