Writer Shuo Wang (novel)

Writer Shuo Wang (novel)

Movies by Chinawood Writer Shuo Wang (novel)

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Writer Shuo Wang (novel) Biography

Shuo Wang (novel)
Name: Shuo Wang (novel)

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male




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Movies Written by Shuo Wang (novel)

Shuo Wang (novel) Little Red Flowers Movie
Little Red Flowers

A young boy starting school for the first time struggles to fit in to a strictly regimented society in in post-revolutionary China....

Mandarin   2006   92 min   Shuo Wang (novel)   2020-10-04
Shuo Wang (novel) No More Applause Movie
No More Applause

No More Applause aka Wu Ren He Cai Synopsis Xiao Ke Ping is a flautist in a philharmonic orchestra, but it is popular music, not classical, that floods the music market. Xiao and her ......

Mandarin   1993   60 min   Shuo Wang (novel)   2020-09-24
Shuo Wang (novel) The Vanished Woman Movie
The Vanished Woman

Mandarin   1993   N/A   Shuo Wang (novel)   2020-09-19
Shuo Wang (novel) I Love You Movie
I Love You

A young woman who has lost her first love begins a relationship with his best friend, and the two of them attempt to create a baggage-free future....

Mandarin   2002   97 min   Shuo Wang (novel)   2020-06-15
Shuo Wang (novel) The Troubleshooters Movie
The Troubleshooters

Mandarin   1989   110 min   Shuo Wang (novel)   2020-04-30
Shuo Wang (novel) A Sigh Movie
A Sigh

A mid-aged writer struggles keeping life in one piece between when his wife find out about the mistress ....

Mandarin   2000   111 min   Shuo Wang (novel)   2020-04-30
Shuo Wang (novel) Father Movie

Mandarin   2000   96 min   Shuo Wang (novel)   2020-04-16
Shuo Wang (novel) Yong shi wo ai Movie
Yong shi wo ai

Su Kai is spunky but lonesome: his job takes him on long solitary drives across China. On a ferry, he meets two China Air flight attendants, Ge Ge and Yang Yan. He's smitten by Ge Ge, and ......

Mandarin   1994   N/A   Shuo Wang (novel)   2020-04-05
Shuo Wang (novel) In the Heat of the Sun Movie
In the Heat of the Sun

A story of four teenagers during Cultural Revolution in Beijing....

Mandarin   1994   134 min   Shuo Wang (novel)   2020-03-31
Shuo Wang (novel) Qingchun wu hui Movie
Qingchun wu hui

Zheng Jianong, a bulldozer driver, has been suffering from illness for years and his wife leaves him...

Mandarin   1991   101 min   Shuo Wang (novel)   2020-03-31
Shuo Wang (novel)

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