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Writer Nan Ye

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Writer Nan Ye Biography

Nan Ye
Name: Nan Ye

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male




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Last updated 2020-03-29 23:56:08

Movies Written by Nan Ye

Nan Ye Jia wu feng yun Movie
Jia wu feng yun

In 1894 the Japanese Imperial Navy provokes the Chinese navy to test defenses. Some Chinese want to make concessions while others want to fight. When Japan invades, some naval officers put up a heroic resistance....

Mandarin   1962   95 min   Nan Ye   2020-06-23
Nan Ye Mu mien jia sha Movie
Mu mien jia sha

Tian Yuan, a mercenary hired to destroy the Shaolin Temple, disguises himself and infiltrates the temple. Once in, he challenges the High Priest of Shaolin for rule of the Temple....

N/A   1985   98 min   Nan Ye   2020-03-30
Nan Ye Ba Shan Ye Yu Movie
Ba Shan Ye Yu

This is a film which has deep influence upon China in the 1980s. During the period of cultural revolution manipulated by the Gang of Four, Qiu Shi, a poet was sent by Li Yan and Liu Wenying......

N/A   1980   86 min   Nan Ye   2020-03-29
Nan Ye

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