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Kaige Chen
Name: Kaige Chen

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Gender: Male




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Movies Written by Kaige Chen

Kaige Chen The Promise Movie
The Promise

Empowered by the love of a slave (Jang), a royal concubine (Cheung) is given the chance to make an extraordinary decision....

Mandarin   2005   121 min   Kaige Chen   2020-08-06
Kaige Chen Together with You Movie
Together with You

A violin prodigy and his father travel to Beijing, where the father seeks the means to his son's success while the son struggles to accept the path laid before him....

Mandarin   2002   116 min   Kaige Chen   2020-06-08
Kaige Chen The Emperor and the Assassin Movie
The Emperor and the Assassin

In pre-unified China, the King of Qin sends his concubine to a rival kingdom to produce an assassin for a political plot, but as the king's cruelty mounts she finds her loyalty faltering....

Mandarin   1998   162 min   Kaige Chen   2020-04-04
Kaige Chen Temptress Moon Movie
Temptress Moon

Not far from Shanghai, in a country town stands the palatial home of the Pang family. Old Master Pang is an addict who brings up his beautiful daughter Ruyi on opium smoke. Her older ......

Mandarin   1996   130 min   Kaige Chen   2020-03-31
Kaige Chen Life on a String Movie
Life on a String

A blind man's master told him that after he has broken 1000 strings on his Banjo, he can open the Banjo to get a script for his eyes. After 60 years he broke the 1000th string......

Mandarin   1991   110 min   Kaige Chen   2020-03-31
Kaige Chen King of the Children Movie
King of the Children

This film is adapted from the novel of Ah Cheng. During the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976),...

Mandarin   1987   106 min   Kaige Chen   2020-03-30
Kaige Chen Yellow Earth Movie
Yellow Earth

'Yellow Earth' focuses on the story of a communist soldier who is sent to the countryside to collect folk songs for the Communist Revolution. There he stays with a peasant family and learns......

Mandarin   1984   89 min   Kaige Chen   2020-03-30
Kaige Chen

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