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Writer Cheng Ah

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Cheng Ah
Name: Cheng Ah

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Gender: Male




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Movies Written by Cheng Ah

Cheng Ah The Go Master Movie
The Go Master

A Chinese man becomes an expert player of the traditional game of Go....

Mandarin, Japanese   2006   104 min   Cheng Ah   2020-08-28
Cheng Ah Chess King Movie
Chess King

Lesson 1: Greeting Lesson 2: Introduction Lesson 3: Appreciation Lesson 4: Apology Lesson 5: Part and Say Good-bye Lesson 6: Expressing Like and Dislike Lesson 7: Hope and Anticipation ......

Mandarin   1988   88 min   Cheng Ah   2020-06-14
Cheng Ah Da ming xing Movie
Da ming xing

Actress Tingting and cinematographer Xizi fall in love and their careers flourish....

Mandarin   1985   N/A   Cheng Ah   2020-06-12
Cheng Ah Springtime in a Small Town Movie
Springtime in a Small Town

The eight-year marriage of Liyan and Yuwen has left them both unfulfilled and distant. A visitor arrives from Shanghai, a doctor who's an old school friend of Liyan's and, unbeknownst to her husband, Yuwen's childhood sweetheart....

Mandarin   2002   116 min   Cheng Ah   2020-06-08
Cheng Ah Painted Skin Movie
Painted Skin

A roving ghost spirit controlled by Ying Yang the Evil paints her face in the guise of a concubine. Her spirit can only be released by a ghostbusting monk who comes to her rescue....

Mandarin, Cantonese   1992   94 min   Cheng Ah   2020-03-31
Cheng Ah King of the Children Movie
King of the Children

This film is adapted from the novel of Ah Cheng. During the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976),...

Mandarin   1987   106 min   Cheng Ah   2020-03-30
Cheng Ah Hibiscus Town Movie
Hibiscus Town

Love, humiliation and politics play out in a distant village of China during the cultural revolution....

Mandarin   1987   164 min   Cheng Ah   2020-03-30
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