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Yuan Xie
Name: Yuan Xie

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male




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Last updated 2020-03-30 20:15:03

Movies by Actor Yuan Xie

Yuan Xie No More Applause Movie
No More Applause

No More Applause aka Wu Ren He Cai Synopsis Xiao Ke Ping is a flautist in a philharmonic orchestra, but it is popular music, not classical, that floods the music market. Xiao and her ......

Mandarin   1993   60 min   Yuan Xie   2020-09-24
Yuan Xie Chess King Movie
Chess King

Lesson 1: Greeting Lesson 2: Introduction Lesson 3: Appreciation Lesson 4: Apology Lesson 5: Part and Say Good-bye Lesson 6: Expressing Like and Dislike Lesson 7: Hope and Anticipation ......

Mandarin   1988   88 min   Yuan Xie   2020-06-14
Yuan Xie Da chuan qi Movie
Da chuan qi

Ding Jian arrives in Guangzhou and learns about city life....

Mandarin   1988   N/A   Yuan Xie   2020-06-13
Yuan Xie Hei shan lu Movie
Hei shan lu

Mandarin   1994   97 min   Yuan Xie   2020-03-31
Yuan Xie Feng kuang de dai jia Movie
Feng kuang de dai jia

A young woman is increasingly out of control with her determination to nail the man who raped her teenage sister....

Mandarin   1989   102 min   Yuan Xie   2020-03-30
Yuan Xie King of the Children Movie
King of the Children

This film is adapted from the novel of Ah Cheng. During the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976),...

Mandarin   1987   106 min   Yuan Xie   2020-03-30
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