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 Xue Ju
Name: Xue Ju

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male




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Last updated 2020-03-31 07:13:05

Movies by Actor Xue Ju

 Xue Ju The Vanished Woman Movie
The Vanished Woman

Mandarin   1993   N/A   Xue Ju   2020-09-19
 Xue Ju Conned Once Movie
Conned Once

Mandarin   1992   N/A   Xue Ju   2020-09-19
 Xue Ju The Law of Romance Movie
The Law of Romance

Mandarin   2003   100 min   Xue Ju   2020-09-18
 Xue Ju Beauty Remains Movie
Beauty Remains

Set in 1948 against the backdrop of Communism's rise, "Fei" is the story of two sisters--Fei and Ying--bound together by the will of their late father, a legendary business entrepreneur, ......

Mandarin   2005   87 min   Xue Ju   2020-07-24
 Xue Ju Qing die Movie
Qing die

Gao Da is blackmailed by a foreign agent over his wife Xia Yi's research into magnetic resonance....

Mandarin   1994   N/A   Xue Ju   2020-06-13
 Xue Ju The Wedding Maidens Movie
The Wedding Maidens

Mandarin   1990   N/A   Xue Ju   2020-06-05
 Xue Ju Yong shi wo ai Movie
Yong shi wo ai

Su Kai is spunky but lonesome: his job takes him on long solitary drives across China. On a ferry, he meets two China Air flight attendants, Ge Ge and Yang Yan. He's smitten by Ge Ge, and ......

Mandarin   1994   N/A   Xue Ju   2020-04-06
 Xue Ju Feng huang qin Movie
Feng huang qin

A woman is forced to work as a teacher in rural China which would better her life, but her students are taking college-bound courses which may hamper the teacher's goals....

Mandarin   1993   90 min   Xue Ju   2020-03-31
 Xue Ju
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