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Wen Jiang
Name: Wen Jiang

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Movies by Actor Wen Jiang

Wen Jiang Letter from an Unknown Woman Movie
Letter from an Unknown Woman

Peking, 1948. A winter night. A man returns home to find a letter awaiting him written by a woman before her death. in the letter she tells him the story of her love for him -a life-long ......

Mandarin   2004   90 min   Wen Jiang   2020-08-11
Wen Jiang Green Tea Movie
Green Tea

Well, apparently Wu Fang (Wei Zhao) is a young lady on a mission. Namely, to go on as many dates as quickly as possible, not to drink as much tea as possible, but to find the man of her ......

Mandarin   2003   83 min   Wen Jiang   2020-07-13
Wen Jiang My Father and I Movie
My Father and I

After Xiao Yu's mother died in an accident, she moved back to live with her birth father who she knows little about. Gradually, they grew to know each other and to accept each other for who......

Mandarin   2003   100 min   Wen Jiang   2020-07-11
Wen Jiang Warriors of Heaven and Earth Movie
Warriors of Heaven and Earth

A Chinese emissary is sent to the Gobi desert to execute a renegade soldier. When a caravan transporting a Buddhist monk and a valuable treasure is threatened by thieves, however, the two warriors might unite to protect the travelers....

Mandarin, Japanese   2003   120 min   Wen Jiang   2020-07-07
Wen Jiang Jasmine Flower Movie
Jasmine Flower

Generational family saga set in Shanghai in the thirties, sixties and eighties....

Mandarin, Shanghainese   2004   130 min   Wen Jiang   2020-07-05
Wen Jiang The Missing Gun Movie
The Missing Gun

Small-town policeman Ma Shan wakes up one morning to discover that his gun is missing. During his search, things take a sinister turn when his first love turns up dead and the bullet appears to be from his gun....

Mandarin   2002   90 min   Wen Jiang   2020-06-15
Wen Jiang Lotus Lantern Movie
Lotus Lantern

Mandarin   1999   85 min   Wen Jiang   2020-04-20
Wen Jiang Devils on the Doorstep Movie
Devils on the Doorstep

During the Japanese occupation of China, two prisoners are dumped in a peasant's home in a small town. The owner is bullied into keeping the prisoners until the next New Year, at which time......

Mandarin, Japanese, English, French   2000   139 min   Wen Jiang   2020-04-11
Wen Jiang Da lu Movie
Da lu

Cantonese, Mandarin   1993   95 min   Wen Jiang   2020-04-06
Wen Jiang Le palanquin des larmes Movie
Le palanquin des larmes

The story of three generations of a family in Shanghai against the backdrop of tumultuous times....

Mandarin   1988   113 min   Wen Jiang   2020-04-04
Wen Jiang The Emperor's Shadow Movie
The Emperor's Shadow

Epic drama about China's first emperor (221 BC) who struggles to make his childhood best friend, now China's greatest composer, succumb to his will and compose a grand anthem to his ......

Mandarin   1996   130 min   Wen Jiang   2020-04-01
Wen Jiang Black Snow Movie
Black Snow

A semi-literate who was deprived of schooling during the Cultural Revolution, Li Huiquan, is released from labor camp. But his attempts to make good are continually thwarted. His street ......

Mandarin   1990   107 min   Wen Jiang   2020-03-31
Wen Jiang The Last Eunuch Movie
The Last Eunuch

Mandarin   1991   110 min   Wen Jiang   2020-03-31
Wen Jiang Red Sorghum Movie
Red Sorghum

When a leprous winery owner in 1930s China dies a few days after his arranged marriage, his young widow is forced to run the winery to make a living while contending with bandits, her drunkard lover, and the invading Japanese army....

Mandarin, Japanese   1987   91 min   Wen Jiang   2020-03-30
Wen Jiang The Last Empress Movie
The Last Empress

The tragic life of the last empress Wan Rong in imperial palace....

Mandarin   1987   89 min   Wen Jiang   2020-03-30
Wen Jiang Hibiscus Town Movie
Hibiscus Town

Love, humiliation and politics play out in a distant village of China during the cultural revolution....

Mandarin   1987   164 min   Wen Jiang   2020-03-30
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