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 Wei Zhao
Name: Wei Zhao

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Movies by Actor Wei Zhao

 Wei Zhao Yi shu ren sheng Movie
Yi shu ren sheng

Mandarin   2001   60 min   Wei Zhao   2020-10-08
 Wei Zhao Mo shan Movie
Mo shan

N/A   2006   2 h 30 min   Wei Zhao   2020-10-08
 Wei Zhao Kangxi wei fu si fang ji Movie
Kangxi wei fu si fang ji

Emperor Kang Xi's Private Visits is a series about the Qing Emperor Kang Xi and the adventures he goes on when going on trips out of the palace. Vicki Zhao playing the daughter of a ......

Mandarin   1999   N/A   Wei Zhao   2020-09-23
 Wei Zhao The Postmodern Life of My Aunt Movie
The Postmodern Life of My Aunt

A swindler falls in love with a potential target....

Mandarin   2006   111 min   Wei Zhao   2020-09-19
 Wei Zhao Moment in Peking Movie
Moment in Peking

Mandarin   2005   46 min   Wei Zhao   2020-09-14
 Wei Zhao Treasure Venture Movie
Treasure Venture

In the series Treasure Venture, Vicki Zhao plays the role of Lu Jian Ping, a very mischevious, playful, stubborn girl who enjoys walking around the streets dressed as a guy and playing ......

Mandarin   2000   48 min   Wei Zhao   2020-09-09
 Wei Zhao Profound Love in Heavy Rain Movie
Profound Love in Heavy Rain

The drama series based on script writer Qiong Yao's own book "Yan Yu Meng Meng" (Misty Rain, published in 1964). Romance in the Rain is the story of revenge, and then, how to love, to ......

Mandarin   2001   48 min   Wei Zhao   2020-09-09
 Wei Zhao My Cousin Ji Xiang Movie
My Cousin Ji Xiang

Old House Has Joy is a story about the love between Ji Xiang and Xiao Peng. After some obstacles, the couple finally manages to be together, only to realise that Ji Xiang is Xiao Peng's ......

Mandarin   1999   43 min   Wei Zhao   2020-09-09
 Wei Zhao Huan zhu ge ge Movie
Huan zhu ge ge

A street girl, Xiao Yan Zi, in a mix-up ends up as a Princess (officially titled Huan Zhu Ge Ge) instead of her sworn sister (played by Ruby Lin). The adventures continue as Xiao Yan Zi ......

Mandarin   1998   45 min   Wei Zhao   2020-09-09
 Wei Zhao Huan zhu ge ge 2 Movie
Huan zhu ge ge 2

Qian Long's mother returns to the palace from her religious pilgrimage and the Queen's action's become more ridiculous than ever. More trivial scenes than ever are added, only serving to ......

Mandarin   1999   45 min   Wei Zhao   2020-09-09
 Wei Zhao A Time to Love Movie
A Time to Love

A love story that should not have happened. But the Great Cultural Revolution fathered it. As memorable as Romeo and Juliet, their love tied with the same intrusion from their families ¨C ......

Mandarin   2005   113 min   Wei Zhao   2020-09-04
 Wei Zhao Goddess of Mercy Movie
Goddess of Mercy

The film has been made after a popular novel that is devoted to the everyday work of a drug police team. The protagonist is a courageous police woman whose relations with three men in her ......

Mandarin   2003   110 min   Wei Zhao   2020-08-03
 Wei Zhao Green Tea Movie
Green Tea

Well, apparently Wu Fang (Wei Zhao) is a young lady on a mission. Namely, to go on as many dates as quickly as possible, not to drink as much tea as possible, but to find the man of her ......

Mandarin   2003   83 min   Wei Zhao   2020-07-13
 Wei Zhao Warriors of Heaven and Earth Movie
Warriors of Heaven and Earth

A Chinese emissary is sent to the Gobi desert to execute a renegade soldier. When a caravan transporting a Buddhist monk and a valuable treasure is threatened by thieves, however, the two warriors might unite to protect the travelers....

Mandarin, Japanese   2003   120 min   Wei Zhao   2020-07-07
 Wei Zhao Dream Girl Movie
Dream Girl

Cantonese, Mandarin   2003   91 min   Wei Zhao   2020-07-04
 Wei Zhao Chinese Odyssey 2002 Movie
Chinese Odyssey 2002

In Ming Dynasty China, two pairs of siblings are destined for each other. But fate throws countless obstacles in the path of their happiness. One pair is high-born: the young Emperor and ......

Cantonese, Mandarin   2002   97 min   Wei Zhao   2020-05-25
 Wei Zhao So Close Movie
So Close

A conflict of interest between two high-kicking assassin sisters is complicated as they're pursued by the criminals who hired them and an equally high-kicking female cop....

Mandarin, Cantonese, English   2002   111 min   Wei Zhao   2020-05-17
 Wei Zhao Shaolin Soccer Movie
Shaolin Soccer

A young Shaolin follower reunites with his discouraged brothers to form a soccer team using their martial art skills to their advantage....

Cantonese, Mandarin   2001   87 min   Wei Zhao   2020-05-07
 Wei Zhao The Duel Movie
The Duel

After a long absence, a master swordsman of royal blood, Yeh Cool-son, returns to the emperor's palace to challenge Snow, a reclusive master, to a dual on new year's eve. In the days before......

Cantonese   2000   106 min   Wei Zhao   2020-04-10
 Wei Zhao Behind the Wall of Shame Movie
Behind the Wall of Shame

This is a story about seven female prisoners each with different backgrounds, living within the one prison. At the beginning of the story, a new inmate Ding Qing Er arrives with tears ......

Mandarin   1995   105 min   Wei Zhao   2020-04-05
 Wei Zhao East Palace West Palace Movie
East Palace West Palace

In China, homosexuality isn't illegal, but homosexuals are routinely persecuted by police and arrested for "hooliganism". The film focuses on a young gay writer A-Lan who, being attracted ......

Mandarin   1996   90 min   Wei Zhao   2020-03-31
 Wei Zhao
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