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 Wei Li
Name: Wei Li

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Movies by Actor Wei Li

 Wei Li Shan lin zhong tou yi ge nu ren Movie
Shan lin zhong tou yi ge nu ren

A college student researches the story of 8 brothers who flee Hebei province in the 1940's for the forests of Heilongjiang's Great Khing'an Mountains....

Mandarin   1986   N/A   Wei Li   2020-06-24
 Wei Li Fei dao Hua Movie
Fei dao Hua

A patriotic acrobat is persecuted in World War II and by the Nationalists and only after liberation is free to practice his art....

Mandarin   1963   N/A   Wei Li   2020-06-23
 Wei Li Zhi dou mei nu she Movie
Zhi dou mei nu she

Mandarin   1984   N/A   Wei Li   2020-06-16
 Wei Li Wang you cao Movie
Wang you cao

Intrigue between Communists and Nationalists in the 1930s in China....

Mandarin   1982   N/A   Wei Li   2020-06-14
 Wei Li Lan se dang an Movie
Lan se dang an

The Nationalists, Communists and US are after a dossier of Japanese spies who remained in China after World War II....

N/A   1980   N/A   Wei Li   2020-06-13
 Wei Li Fo guang xia ying Movie
Fo guang xia ying

During World War II members of a clan, police collaborating with the Japanese and shady Shanghai businessmen all want to control possession of an ancient Buddha statuette....

N/A   1990   N/A   Wei Li   2020-06-13
 Wei Li Nan dao feng yun Movie
Nan dao feng yun

Mandarin   1955   N/A   Wei Li   2020-06-09
 Wei Li Cai feng shuang fei Movie
Cai feng shuang fei

N/A   1951   N/A   Wei Li   2020-06-09
 Wei Li Spring in a Small Town Movie
Spring in a Small Town

A lonely housewife finds her monotonous life altered when her childhood sweetheart returns to town....

Mandarin   1948   98 min   Wei Li   2020-04-06
 Wei Li River Without Buoys Movie
River Without Buoys

The film describes the frustrated experience and love of Pan Laowu, who drains off waste water. It reflects the suffering brought about by the ultra-left route,...

N/A   1984   86 min   Wei Li   2020-03-30
 Wei Li Ah Q zheng zhuan Movie
Ah Q zheng zhuan

N/A   1982   125 min   Wei Li   2020-03-30
 Wei Li Life of a Beijing Policeman Movie
Life of a Beijing Policeman

Fifty years of modern Chinese history (1900-1950), including wars, revolutions and corrupt politics, as seen through the life and times of a simple Beijing policeman and his family....

Mandarin   1950   120 min   Wei Li   2020-03-28
 Wei Li
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