Actor Shaoan Dai

Actor Shaoan Dai

Movies by Chinawood Actor Shaoan Dai

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Actor Shaoan Dai Biography

Shaoan Dai
Name: Shaoan Dai

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male




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Last updated 2020-03-30 09:31:03

Movies by Actor Shaoan Dai

Shaoan Dai Once Upon a Time in Shanghai Movie
Once Upon a Time in Shanghai

Mandarin   1998   90 min   Shaoan Dai   2020-09-18
Shaoan Dai Fei ren lang man qu Movie
Fei ren lang man qu

A clown is not sure which of two women he loves....

Mandarin   1985   N/A   Shaoan Dai   2020-06-23
Shaoan Dai Kai tian pi di Movie
Kai tian pi di

The founding of the Chinese Communist Party in 1921....

Mandarin   1991   N/A   Shaoan Dai   2020-06-16
Shaoan Dai Kong que gong zhu Movie
Kong que gong zhu

Shows a fantasy story of a young prince who falls in love with the peacock princess and they marry. On their wedding night, the evil wizard puts a spell on the king and starts war. The ......

N/A   1982   N/A   Shaoan Dai   2020-03-30
Shaoan Dai Shi liu hua Movie
Shi liu hua

N/A   1983   103 min   Shaoan Dai   2020-03-30
Shaoan Dai
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