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Rong Chang
Name: Rong Chang

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male




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Movies by Actor Rong Chang

Rong Chang Qingchun chongdong Movie
Qingchun chongdong

Mandarin   1992   N/A   Rong Chang   2021-04-07
Rong Chang Fei hu dui Movie
Fei hu dui

Chinese guerrilla forces battle Japanese and Nationalist collaborators in World War II....

Mandarin   1995   N/A   Rong Chang   2020-06-23
Rong Chang Tian chu xue Movie
Tian chu xue

Mandarin   1991   N/A   Rong Chang   2020-06-14
Rong Chang 'Ming wang xing' xing dong Movie
'Ming wang xing' xing dong

Mandarin   1992   N/A   Rong Chang   2020-06-09
Rong Chang A Virtuous Widow Movie
A Virtuous Widow

Mandarin   1997   96 min   Rong Chang   2020-04-07
Rong Chang Living Dream Movie
Living Dream

A young boy sleepwalks into a shrouded reality of murder and rape in a small fishing village, amidst the emerging political and cultural turbulence of 1970's China....

Mandarin   1996   104 min   Rong Chang   2020-04-06
Rong Chang Keep Cool Movie
Keep Cool

A spurned lover seeks a rich man for revenge. A random onlooker -- who witnessed the public assault committed by the rich man against the lover -- seeks for monetary compensation for his ......

Mandarin   1997   93 min   Rong Chang   2020-03-31
Rong Chang Ran qing nan ju ji Movie
Ran qing nan ju ji

Cantonese   1995   92 min   Rong Chang   2020-03-31
Rong Chang
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