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 Qiang Li
Name: Qiang Li

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male




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Movies by Actor Qiang Li

 Qiang Li One Foot Off the Ground Movie
One Foot Off the Ground

Mandarin   2006   106 min   Qiang Li   2020-09-26
 Qiang Li Wu Movie

Mandarin   1970   104 min   Qiang Li   2020-09-24
 Qiang Li Chun lei Movie
Chun lei

Mandarin   1967   N/A   Qiang Li   2020-09-19
 Qiang Li The Making of Steel Movie
The Making of Steel

Mandarin   1997   108 min   Qiang Li   2020-09-18
 Qiang Li Wong lao hu qiang qin Movie
Wong lao hu qiang qin

Mandarin   1960   111 min   Qiang Li   2020-09-18
 Qiang Li Wu hu jiang Movie
Wu hu jiang

A woman coach inspires a teenage table tennis team....

Mandarin   1985   N/A   Qiang Li   2020-06-24
 Qiang Li Fei hu dui Movie
Fei hu dui

Chinese guerrilla forces battle Japanese and Nationalist collaborators in World War II....

Mandarin   1995   N/A   Qiang Li   2020-06-23
 Qiang Li Long chu hai Movie
Long chu hai

Economic officials work together to help Silver Dragon Village experience the prosperity that neighboring Golden Dragon Village enjoys. The officials also fall in love....

Mandarin   1992   N/A   Qiang Li   2020-06-20
 Qiang Li Qing die Movie
Qing die

Gao Da is blackmailed by a foreign agent over his wife Xia Yi's research into magnetic resonance....

Mandarin   1994   N/A   Qiang Li   2020-06-13
 Qiang Li Bus 44 Movie
Bus 44

On the outskirts of a small town, a bus driver and her passengers encounter highway robbers....

Mandarin   2001   11 min   Qiang Li   2020-05-03
 Qiang Li Wang fu shan xia Movie
Wang fu shan xia

Mandarin   1957   N/A   Qiang Li   2020-04-07
 Qiang Li San kan yu mei liu jin ding Movie
San kan yu mei liu jin ding

Mandarin   1962   119 min   Qiang Li   2020-04-07
 Qiang Li Hua deng cu shang Movie
Hua deng cu shang

Mandarin   1961   N/A   Qiang Li   2020-04-07
 Qiang Li Shao nu de fan nao Movie
Shao nu de fan nao

N/A   1955   N/A   Qiang Li   2020-04-06
 Qiang Li Common People Movie
Common People

Mandarin   1998   99 min   Qiang Li   2020-04-05
 Qiang Li Back to Back, Face to Face Movie
Back to Back, Face to Face

Wang Shuangli is Deputy Director of the local Cultural Centre, and hopes to be appointed Director. However Old Ma is brought in from the country and installed as Director. This starts a ......

N/A   1994   138 min   Qiang Li   2020-03-31
 Qiang Li Ying chun hua Movie
Ying chun hua

Mandarin   1968   N/A   Qiang Li   2020-03-28
 Qiang Li
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