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Qiang Chen
Name: Qiang Chen

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Gender: Male




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Movies by Actor Qiang Chen

Qiang Chen The White-haired Girl Movie
The White-haired Girl

The story centers on a well-known Chinese folk tale about a girl named Xi'er, the daughter of a poor farmer in Shaanxi province, whose family is persecuted by a brutal landlord....

Mandarin   1950   111 min   Qiang Chen   2020-09-27
Qiang Chen Xing xing dian deng Movie
Xing xing dian deng

Touching Starlight is a true story about a young girl, Chen Wei, an aspiring dancer whose hopes and dreams for the future are dashed when her leg is amputated due to cancer. To encourage ......

Mandarin   1996   93 min   Qiang Chen   2020-09-22
Qiang Chen The Red Detachment of Women Movie
The Red Detachment of Women

In 1930s, Wu Qionghua was a housemaid of Nan-ba-tian, a cruel warlord of a village in Hainan Island, China. Often abused by her master, Qionghua was finally rescued by Hong Changqing, ......

Mandarin   1961   92 min   Qiang Chen   2020-09-20
Qiang Chen Soldier in White Movie
Soldier in White

A heroic People's Liberation Army nurse continues caring for wounded and getting them safely to hospital even though she has been wounded....

N/A   1949   N/A   Qiang Chen   2020-06-22
Qiang Chen Ye er liang kai geting Movie
Ye er liang kai geting

Old Kui and his son Erzi open a karaoke music hall and make good money until they argue over a woman....

Mandarin   1992   N/A   Qiang Chen   2020-06-22
Qiang Chen Shi hang Movie
Shi hang

A shipbuilding plant in China overcomes difficulties in buying a foreign engine for a 10,000 ton ship by designing their own engine within a month....

Mandarin   1959   N/A   Qiang Chen   2020-06-21
Qiang Chen Sha mao jing li Movie
Sha mao jing li

Erzhi has problems managing the Bijimei Hotel....

Mandarin   1988   N/A   Qiang Chen   2020-06-21
Qiang Chen Fu zi lao ye che Movie
Fu zi lao ye che

Old Kui and his son Erzi use an old car in Shenzhen to transport tourists but are cheated by the manager of the resort they work for....

Mandarin   1990   N/A   Qiang Chen   2020-06-21
Qiang Chen Fu yu zhi Movie
Fu yu zhi

Mandarin   1986   N/A   Qiang Chen   2020-06-21
Qiang Chen Erzi kai dian Movie
Erzi kai dian

A group of young people have problems operating a small hotel....

Mandarin   1987   N/A   Qiang Chen   2020-06-21
Qiang Chen The Bridge Movie
The Bridge

Factory workers in 1947 repair a bridge over Song Hua River so that Communist forces can use it....

Mandarin   1949   N/A   Qiang Chen   2020-06-14
Qiang Chen Hai shang ming zhu Movie
Hai shang ming zhu

Ling Yanzi exposes Cui Min as a newly born capitalist....

Mandarin   1976   N/A   Qiang Chen   2020-06-13
Qiang Chen Dian dian di di Movie
Dian dian di di

Residents of a coastal city have to limit water usage until a water project resolves the water supply during a severe drought....

Mandarin   1987   N/A   Qiang Chen   2020-06-13
Qiang Chen Qiao zhe yi jiazi Movie
Qiao zhe yi jiazi

Mandarin   1979   N/A   Qiang Chen   2020-06-09
Qiang Chen Tai hou ji xiang Movie
Tai hou ji xiang

N/A   1996   N/A   Qiang Chen   2020-04-06
Qiang Chen Kong que gong zhu Movie
Kong que gong zhu

Shows a fantasy story of a young prince who falls in love with the peacock princess and they marry. On their wedding night, the evil wizard puts a spell on the king and starts war. The ......

N/A   1982   N/A   Qiang Chen   2020-03-30
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