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Nan Deng
Name: Nan Deng

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male




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Movies by Actor Nan Deng

Nan Deng Tie dao you ji dui Movie
Tie dao you ji dui

Chinese guerrilla forces battle Japanese and Nationalist collaborators....

Mandarin   1956   N/A   Nan Deng   2020-06-24
Nan Deng Liu shi nian dai di yi chun Movie
Liu shi nian dai di yi chun

Steelworkers in 1960 mechanize their plant....

Mandarin   1960   N/A   Nan Deng   2020-06-24
Nan Deng Ye zou luo to ling Movie
Ye zou luo to ling

Agricultural commune holds a competition to deliver the wheat harvest....

Mandarin   1958   N/A   Nan Deng   2020-06-17
Nan Deng Xiong mei tan bao Movie
Xiong mei tan bao

Three members of the Young Pioneers search for the source of a rare piece of ore....

Mandarin   1963   N/A   Nan Deng   2020-06-14
Nan Deng Nan dao feng yun Movie
Nan dao feng yun

Mandarin   1955   N/A   Nan Deng   2020-06-09
Nan Deng Nie Er Movie
Nie Er

N/A   1959   115 min   Nan Deng   2020-04-05
Nan Deng Two Stage Sisters Movie
Two Stage Sisters

Chronicles the fortunes of two actresses in pre-revolutionary China, who are separated by money and politics....

Mandarin   1964   112 min   Nan Deng   2020-03-30
Nan Deng Lin Zexu Movie
Lin Zexu

Mandarin   1959   102 min   Nan Deng   2020-03-28
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