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 Min Sun
Name: Min Sun

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male




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Movies by Actor Min Sun

 Min Sun A Little Boat Movie
A Little Boat

N/A   1983   N/A   Min Sun   2020-06-27
 Min Sun Zi xin de nan zi han Movie
Zi xin de nan zi han

Mandarin   1985   N/A   Min Sun   2020-06-16
 Min Sun Xue hun Movie
Xue hun

One of 2 Communist agents in 1948 in southwest China is a traitor....

Mandarin   1988   N/A   Min Sun   2020-06-14
 Min Sun Xian's Finest Movie
Xian's Finest

Wu, a veteran police officer in Xian, is demoted to work in a community policing center after he accidentally injures a hostage during a rescue mission. At first the new job appears to be ......

Mandarin   2000   N/A   Min Sun   2020-04-20
 Min Sun An ju Movie
An ju

Mandarin   1997   102 min   Min Sun   2020-04-07
 Min Sun Nan wei le mei mei Movie
Nan wei le mei mei

An orphaned brother and sister depend on each other for survival. But the young man's hot temper gets him sent to prison. When he is released, with the help and support of his little sister......

N/A   1926   N/A   Min Sun   2020-04-07
 Min Sun Night Run Movie
Night Run

Mandarin   1937   N/A   Min Sun   2020-04-06
 Min Sun
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