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Liya Ai
Name: Liya Ai

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male




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Movies by Actor Liya Ai

Liya Ai The Story of Xiao-Yan Movie
The Story of Xiao-Yan

Mandarin   2004   90 min   Liya Ai   2020-09-18
Liya Ai Far from Home Movie
Far from Home

Taylor Parks decides to talk four friends into taking a random trip from America to China when suddenly they are all caught in a Chinese civil war....

English, Cantonese, Mandarin   2002   120 min   Liya Ai   2020-09-06
Liya Ai Nu qiu da dui Movie
Nu qiu da dui

Xiao Chun is in charge of a group of women prisoners....

Mandarin   1992   N/A   Liya Ai   2020-06-22
Liya Ai Nu bang jia zhe Movie
Nu bang jia zhe

N/A   1990   N/A   Liya Ai   2020-06-09
Liya Ai Genghis Khan Movie
Genghis Khan

About 850 years ago a man was born to change history in a way like nobody else before or after him. He was the most successful and feared commander of all times, he created to biggest ......

Mandarin, Mongolian   1998   113 min   Liya Ai   2020-04-05
Liya Ai Hei shan lu Movie
Hei shan lu

Mandarin   1994   97 min   Liya Ai   2020-03-31
Liya Ai Ermo Movie

A woman gets obsessed with buying a television for her family....

Mandarin   1994   98 min   Liya Ai   2020-03-31
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