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Li-li Li
Name: Li-li Li

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male




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Movies by Actor Li-li Li

Li-li Li Gu dao tian tang Movie
Gu dao tian tang

Mandarin   1939   100 min   Li-li Li   2020-09-19
Li-li Li Queen of Sports Movie
Queen of Sports

Young sprinter Lin Ying enrolls in a sports college in Shanghai. As she becomes a sports celebrity, she starts to mangle with the upper class and has gradually forgotten the true essence of sports....

Mandarin   1934   89 min   Li-li Li   2020-08-27
Li-li Li Daybreak Movie

Fishing village girl Ling Ling sets off to look for her cousin in Shanghai. She soon finds out that Shanghai is a city full of vice: she is raped, sold into prostitution, and later becomes ......

Mandarin   1933   116 min   Li-li Li   2020-07-26
Li-li Li Blood on Wolf Mountain Movie
Blood on Wolf Mountain

Ostensibly a tale of a village attempting to fend off a pack of vicious wolves. In reality, the wolves were a euphemism for the Japanese army who had recently occupied Manchuria....

Mandarin   1936   70 min   Li-li Li   2020-06-02
Li-li Li Yi hai feng guang Movie
Yi hai feng guang

Mandarin   1937   N/A   Li-li Li   2020-04-07
Li-li Li National Customs Movie
National Customs

Mandarin   1935   94 min   Li-li Li   2020-04-07
Li-li Li Little Toys Movie
Little Toys

N/A   1933   114 min   Li-li Li   2020-03-31
Li-li Li The Highway Movie
The Highway

Six young men from the city take jobs on a road crew, building a highway of strategic importance to the Chinese Army. The story relates the men's interactions with each other, the local ......

Mandarin   1935   104 min   Li-li Li   2020-03-31
Li-li Li Fight to the Last Movie
Fight to the Last

When this film was being made in 1938, Pearl Harbor was almost four years away. Poland had not been invaded yet. However, World War II was raging in Asia, where the Japanese perpetrated ......

Cantonese   1938   54 min   Li-li Li   2020-03-28
Li-li Li Loving Blood of the Volcano Movie
Loving Blood of the Volcano

A warlord's nephew lusts for farmer Song Ke's sister. When Song refuses, the whole family is thrown into jail and the sister commits suicide. The father dies of grief and Song lives with ......

Mandarin   1932   100 min   Li-li Li   2020-03-28
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