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Movies by Actor Leon Lai

 Leon Lai A Melody Looking Movie
A Melody Looking

Cantonese, Mandarin, English   2006   78 min   Leon Lai   2021-05-27
 Leon Lai Forever Enthralled Movie
Forever Enthralled

A biographical account of Mei Lanfang, China's greatest opera star....

Mandarin   2008   150 min   Leon Lai   2021-05-21
 Leon Lai Yuen Chun Hap Movie
Yuen Chun Hap

Cantonese   1993   60 min   Leon Lai   2021-05-17
 Leon Lai The Matrimony Movie
The Matrimony

A woman finds the key to a room in the attic that her husband forbids her from entering. When she opens the door, she is confronted with the haunting existence of the woman her husband refuses to forget....

Mandarin   2007   91 min   Leon Lai   2021-04-29
 Leon Lai Ching yi ngor sum gi Movie
Ching yi ngor sum gi

"Swan Lake," "The Ugly Duckling," magical realism, and two Chinese men in Tokyo. Jun is mildly mentally disabled, in his late 20s, living with his siblings after his mother has died. ......

Cantonese, Japanese, Mandarin   2005   95 min   Leon Lai   2020-10-02
 Leon Lai Seven Swords Movie
Seven Swords

Seven warriors come together to protect a village from a diabolical General....

Mandarin, Korean, Cantonese   2005   153 min   Leon Lai   2020-08-14
 Leon Lai Leaving Me, Loving You Movie
Leaving Me, Loving You

A romantic drama set in Shanghai....

Mandarin   2004   94 min   Leon Lai   2020-07-16
 Leon Lai Heroic Duo Movie
Heroic Duo

Tough cop Ken is investigating why a model officer was caught committing a crime in the police station. He soon determines that the officer was under a mesmeric influence, and recruits a noted hypnotist currently serving a prison sentence....

Cantonese, English, Mandarin   2003   100 min   Leon Lai   2020-07-11
 Leon Lai Infernal Affairs III Movie
Infernal Affairs III

Months after the events of the original film, Ming suspects a police superintendent as being a new mole for the triads, while years earlier, Yan embarks on his first mission....

Cantonese, Mandarin   2003   118 min   Leon Lai   2020-07-07
 Leon Lai Qing mi da hua wang Movie
Qing mi da hua wang

Cantonese   2001   N/A   Leon Lai   2020-06-24
 Leon Lai Dream of a Warrior Movie
Dream of a Warrior

A Korean cop (Leon Lai) agrees to go back in time to rescue a woman (Eun-hye Park) who looks just like the mysterious beauty haunting his dreams....

Korean   2001   84 min   Leon Lai   2020-06-18
 Leon Lai 3 Extremes II Movie
3 Extremes II

Three constitutes an omnibus package of three short horror films made by Asian directors. "Memories," made by Kim Ji-Woon, is about a woman (Kim Hye-Soo) who disappears from the home she ......

Korean, English, Mandarin, Thai, Cantonese   2002   140 min   Leon Lai   2020-06-02
 Leon Lai Bat sei ching mai Movie
Bat sei ching mai

Sam, a Hong Kong cop, has busted crime lord Night. Ann, Sam's girlfriend, is the prosecuting witness. Night is jailed for five years. On a trip to Paris, Ann is killed by an assassin. Sam ......

Cantonese   2001   107 min   Leon Lai   2020-05-21
 Leon Lai Fai wa siu suet Movie
Fai wa siu suet

N/A   1996   N/A   Leon Lai   2020-05-13
 Leon Lai Skyline Cruisers Movie
Skyline Cruisers

Action adventure in which the formula for a cancer-curing medicine is stolen, and a kung-fu fighting team must overcome rivals and doublecrosses in order to get it back...

Cantonese   2000   89 min   Leon Lai   2020-04-28
 Leon Lai Toshinden sha shou Hao Movie
Toshinden sha shou Hao

A plot that is based on the "Battle Arena Toshinden" fighting game series......

Cantonese   1998   N/A   Leon Lai   2020-04-22
 Leon Lai Sausalito Movie

Ella is a divorced Chinese American taxi driver who spends her days ferrying people around the roads of Sausalito, San Francisco. After work, she spends time with her 8-year old son, Scott.......

English, Cantonese   2000   98 min   Leon Lai   2020-04-10
 Leon Lai City of Glass Movie
City of Glass

While attending their respective parent's funeral in London, two strangers discover their parent's secret love affair spanning across three decades and two continents. (Chinese with English subtitles)....

Mandarin, Cantonese, English   1998   111 min   Leon Lai   2020-04-05
 Leon Lai A Hero Never Dies Movie
A Hero Never Dies

Jack and Martin are members of rival Chinese triads in the middle of a gang war. Both of their gang leaders like to get advice from a fortune teller living in Thailand. On one such trip, ......

Cantonese, English, Thai   1998   86 min   Leon Lai   2020-04-05
 Leon Lai San luen oi sai gei Movie
San luen oi sai gei

Cantonese, English, Japanese   1998   95 min   Leon Lai   2020-04-04
 Leon Lai Eighteen Springs Movie
Eighteen Springs

In 1930s Shanghai, a young office girl falls in love with a factory worker in the same company....

Mandarin   1997   126 min   Leon Lai   2020-04-01
 Leon Lai Legend of God of Gamblers Movie
Legend of God of Gamblers

Following Ko Chun's earlier years as he battles for the position he was destined for: The God of Gamblers....

Cantonese, English   1996   110 min   Leon Lai   2020-03-31
 Leon Lai Comrades: Almost a Love Story Movie
Comrades: Almost a Love Story

Two Chinese-mainlanders living in Hong Kong form a close friendship. Over the years this grows into love, but there are obstacles....

Cantonese, Mandarin, English   1996   118 min   Leon Lai   2020-03-31
 Leon Lai Fallen Angels Movie
Fallen Angels

This Hong Kong-set crime drama follows the lives of a hitman, hoping to get out of the business, and his elusive female partner....

Min Nan, Japanese, English, Cantonese, Mandarin   1995   99 min   Leon Lai   2020-03-31
 Leon Lai Xian ren zhang Movie
Xian ren zhang

Cantonese   1994   96 min   Leon Lai   2020-03-31
 Leon Lai Do si qing yuen Movie
Do si qing yuen

Cantonese   1994   98 min   Leon Lai   2020-03-31
 Leon Lai Wicked City Movie
Wicked City

Taki is assigned to go after Daishu, a businessman who is suspected by the police to be selling the drug "happiness", a drug from the Rapter's world that causes people to "evaporate" if ......

Cantonese, English   1992   96 min   Leon Lai   2020-03-31
 Leon Lai Shen suan Movie
Shen suan

A fortune teller (Michael Hui), who gives pretentious forecasts, was investigated by a revenue agent (Leon Lai) for failing to pay his taxes. However, the teller's lucky break came when he ......

Cantonese   1992   100 min   Leon Lai   2020-03-31
 Leon Lai Long teng si hai Movie
Long teng si hai

Cantonese, English, Mandarin   1992   99 min   Leon Lai   2020-03-31
 Leon Lai Fei hu wai zhuan Movie
Fei hu wai zhuan

A swordsman learns about love and life when he falls for one woman and another girl falls for him. Meanwhile, he and the one he is in love with must fight an evil warlord bent on corruption....

Cantonese   1993   111 min   Leon Lai   2020-03-31
 Leon Lai Yes! yi zu Movie
Yes! yi zu

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FRUITBALL!!!! Annoying Orange and Pear call the big game! Who will win!? And will Midget Apple escape without getting a concussion?...

Cantonese   1991   94 min   Leon Lai   2020-03-31
 Leon Lai Ming yue zhao jian dong Movie
Ming yue zhao jian dong

A cop falls in love with a karaoke singer, while her violent, and psychotic gangster-boyfriend, known as Prince, is away on business....

Cantonese, English   1992   86 min   Leon Lai   2020-03-31
 Leon Lai Huo tou fu xing Movie
Huo tou fu xing

The film, to a certain extent, talks about the damage urbanization in Hong Kong, and the casualties it inflict. Bo is the owner of an old building in Hong Kong. He sublets his building to ......

Cantonese   1992   93 min   Leon Lai   2020-03-31
 Leon Lai Do si lip yan Movie
Do si lip yan

Rebecca/Yat has a husband who alternates between violent and uncaring, and he is about to leave her. She should be overjoyed, but reports him missing. Yat and sister Ling are pleased when he returns, but is it really him?...

Cantonese   1989   88 min   Leon Lai   2020-03-30
 Leon Lai
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