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 Ji Feng
Name: Ji Feng

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male




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Movies by Actor Ji Feng

 Ji Feng Tie dao you ji dui Movie
Tie dao you ji dui

Chinese guerrilla forces battle Japanese and Nationalist collaborators....

Mandarin   1956   N/A   Ji Feng   2020-06-24
 Ji Feng Nan zheng bei zhan Movie
Nan zheng bei zhan

In 1947 the Chinese Red Army sets a trap for the Nationalist forces in Jiangsu province....

Mandarin   1952   122 min   Ji Feng   2020-06-22
 Ji Feng Sha mo zhui fei ji Movie
Sha mo zhui fei ji

Mandarin   1959   N/A   Ji Feng   2020-06-14
 Ji Feng Tie chuang lie huo Movie
Tie chuang lie huo

Zhang Shaohua battles the reactionary leadership of the power plant union in Shanghai on the eve of liberation....

Mandarin   1958   N/A   Ji Feng   2020-06-14
 Ji Feng Jinsha jiang pan Movie
Jinsha jiang pan

Mandarin   1963   N/A   Ji Feng   2020-06-09
 Ji Feng Luban De Chuanshuo Movie
Luban De Chuanshuo

Lu Ban, the father of carpentry of China, lived in the Warring States Period more than two thousand years ago. During his travel through the land, he has solved many architectural problems ......

N/A   1958   95 min   Ji Feng   2020-03-28
 Ji Feng
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