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Name: Hong Tao

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Movies by Actor Hong Tao

 Hong Tao Agreed Not to Separate Movie
Agreed Not to Separate

TV soccer commentator Teng receives a court summons because his wife Lin asked for a divorce. Lin felt being neglected while Teng was always busy at work, and she had a one-night stand with......

Mandarin   1999   95 min   Hong Tao   2021-04-07
 Hong Tao Taekwondo Movie

Mandarin   2004   102 min   Hong Tao   2020-09-06
 Hong Tao Beyond Our Ken Movie
Beyond Our Ken

A month after Wai Ming broke up with Ken, she finds nude pictures of her on his website. To get back at him, she teams up with his new girlfriend....

Cantonese, Mandarin   2004   98 min   Hong Tao   2020-08-28
 Hong Tao Sky of Love Movie
Sky of Love

Wen Tao and Jia Hui start communicating through a radiophone. From their conversations, they discover that they are both studying in the same school, but they eventually finally find out that they exist in two different worlds....

Cantonese   2003   91 min   Hong Tao   2020-07-29
 Hong Tao Bamboo Shoot Movie
Bamboo Shoot

A loveable modern twist on a Chinese fairytale, Bamboo Shoot's mixing of screwball kung-fu with Shakespearean themes of desire and confusion elevates this film to one with universal appeal....

Mandarin   2004   102 min   Hong Tao   2020-07-28
 Hong Tao Sky Lovers Movie
Sky Lovers

Mandarin   2002   93 min   Hong Tao   2020-06-19
 Hong Tao Sheng huo xiu Movie
Sheng huo xiu

The story of a beautiful, single woman who runs a restaurant in inland China, delving into her battle to understand the rapid changes affecting society around her....

Mandarin   2002   107 min   Hong Tao   2020-06-15
 Hong Tao Xue sha tian ya Movie
Xue sha tian ya

A traitor betrays the anti-Qing forces....

Mandarin   1988   N/A   Hong Tao   2020-06-14
 Hong Tao Tian chu xue Movie
Tian chu xue

Mandarin   1991   N/A   Hong Tao   2020-06-14
 Hong Tao I Love Beijing Movie
I Love Beijing

A voyage through modern day Beijing in the taxi of the womanising Dezi. His aimless drifting between destinations and women is much like Beijing's own search for identity between perishing ancient values and an uncertain future....

Mandarin   2001   97 min   Hong Tao   2020-05-01
 Hong Tao Colors of the Blind Movie
Colors of the Blind

Triangular story about a blind girl falling love in her sports teacher. Through a class mate who falls in love in her, she learns to accept her blindness. The film gives good inside for non-Chinese on the situation of the blind in China....

N/A   1997   N/A   Hong Tao   2020-04-20
 Hong Tao A Beautiful New World Movie
A Beautiful New World

A satirical comedy about a country bumpkin who goes to the big city, and ends up teaching the cynical city folk a few lessons about basic human decency. The hero leaves home for the first ......

Mandarin, Cantonese   1999   100 min   Hong Tao   2020-04-06
 Hong Tao
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