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Actor Hong Pan

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 Hong Pan
Name: Hong Pan

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male




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Movies by Actor Hong Pan

 Hong Pan Moment in Peking Movie
Moment in Peking

Mandarin   2005   46 min   Hong Pan   2020-09-14
 Hong Pan Du Shiniang Movie
Du Shiniang

The story of a courtesan in Ming dynasty Beijing....

Mandarin   1981   N/A   Hong Pan   2020-06-21
 Hong Pan The Well Movie
The Well

N/A   1988   90 min   Hong Pan   2020-06-19
 Hong Pan The Troubleshooters Movie
The Troubleshooters

Mandarin   1989   110 min   Hong Pan   2020-04-30
 Hong Pan At Middle Age Movie
At Middle Age

Mandarin   1982   N/A   Hong Pan   2020-04-09
 Hong Pan Up for the Rising Sun Movie
Up for the Rising Sun

Cantonese   1997   N/A   Hong Pan   2020-04-06
 Hong Pan Gu feng Movie
Gu feng

Cantonese, Mandarin, Shanghainese   1994   91 min   Hong Pan   2020-03-31
 Hong Pan Zui hou de gui zu Movie
Zui hou de gui zu

In 1948, four young girls, daughters of Shanghai's elite, come to America for college. The Communist takeover strands them in the States and one of them, unable to cope with her parents' ......

English, Mandarin   1989   112 min   Hong Pan   2020-03-30
 Hong Pan Huo long Movie
Huo long

Mandarin   1986   89 min   Hong Pan   2020-03-30
 Hong Pan The Last Empress Movie
The Last Empress

The tragic life of the last empress Wan Rong in imperial palace....

Mandarin   1987   89 min   Hong Pan   2020-03-30
 Hong Pan
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