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Daoming Chen
Name: Daoming Chen

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male




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Movies by Actor Daoming Chen

Daoming Chen Rainbow Movie

Having witnessed all his students died for conflicts among warlords and handicapped during a battle, a painter leaves his troop behind, settles down at a small utopia-like village and ......

Mandarin   2005   90 min   Daoming Chen   2020-09-13
Daoming Chen Zhong Guo shi li hun Movie
Zhong Guo shi li hun

Mandarin   2005   60 min   Daoming Chen   2020-09-13
Daoming Chen My 1919 Movie
My 1919

To the Chinese, the Conference at Versailles was more of an insult at their dignity and sovreignity than a celebration of peace....

English, French, Mandarin   1999   100 min   Daoming Chen   2020-08-29
Daoming Chen Yi di ji mao Movie
Yi di ji mao

Mandarin   1995   47 min   Daoming Chen   2020-07-23
Daoming Chen Peach Blossom Movie
Peach Blossom

Mandarin   1995   105 min   Daoming Chen   2020-07-16
Daoming Chen Infernal Affairs III Movie
Infernal Affairs III

Months after the events of the original film, Ming suspects a police superintendent as being a new mole for the triads, while years earlier, Yan embarks on his first mission....

Cantonese, Mandarin   2003   118 min   Daoming Chen   2020-07-07
Daoming Chen Xi tai hou Movie
Xi tai hou

Court intrigue in China after the Taiping Rebellion is suppressed....

Mandarin   1989   N/A   Daoming Chen   2020-06-22
Daoming Chen Kang Xi di guo Movie
Kang Xi di guo

Mandarin   2001   N/A   Daoming Chen   2020-06-07
Daoming Chen Fortress Besieged Movie
Fortress Besieged

Mandarin, French   1990   49 min   Daoming Chen   2020-03-31
Daoming Chen Ba qi zi di Movie
Ba qi zi di

Mandarin, Cantonese   1988   92 min   Daoming Chen   2020-03-30
Daoming Chen Yi ge he ba ge Movie
Yi ge he ba ge

Set in the Anti-Japanese War, an instructor who used to be an undercover at the enemy-occupied area. He is set up by a spy and could not prove his innocence....

Mandarin   1983   86 min   Daoming Chen   2020-03-30
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