Actor  Daolin Sun

Actor Daolin Sun

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Actor Daolin Sun Biography

 Daolin Sun
Name: Daolin Sun

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male




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Movies by Actor Daolin Sun

 Daolin Sun Wan zi qian hong zong shi chun Movie
Wan zi qian hong zong shi chun

N/A   1959   1 h 54 min   Daolin Sun   2020-09-28
 Daolin Sun Yong bu xiao shi de dian bo Movie
Yong bu xiao shi de dian bo

Communist Party undercover agents operate in Shanghai in 1939 against the Japanese....

Mandarin   1958   N/A   Daolin Sun   2020-06-22
 Daolin Sun Min zhu qing nian jin xing qu Movie
Min zhu qing nian jin xing qu

During the Chinese Civil War following the victory over the Japanese, Nationalist agents fail to destroy the student movement in Beijing....

Mandarin   1950   N/A   Daolin Sun   2020-06-19
 Daolin Sun Threshold of Spring Movie
Threshold of Spring

Jianqiu is a high school teacher and sympathizes Mrs. Wen, a widow whose husband was Jianqiu's schoolmate and died in the Guangzhou Uprising. Jianqiu and Lan fall in love, but Jianqiu decides to marry Mrs. Wen....

Mandarin   1963   120 min   Daolin Sun   2020-03-28
 Daolin Sun Geming jiating Movie
Geming jiating

Mandarin   1961   118 min   Daolin Sun   2020-03-28
 Daolin Sun Crows and Sparrows Movie
Crows and Sparrows

A story of a corrupt party official who attempts to sell an apartment building he has appropriated from the original owner and the struggles of the tenants to prevent themselves being thrown onto the street....

Mandarin   1949   113 min   Daolin Sun   2020-03-28
 Daolin Sun
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