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 Cunxin Pu
Name: Cunxin Pu

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male




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Movies by Actor Cunxin Pu

 Cunxin Pu Yu wangshi ganbei Movie
Yu wangshi ganbei

Mandarin   1995   96 min   Cunxin Pu   2021-05-10
 Cunxin Pu Agreed Not to Separate Movie
Agreed Not to Separate

TV soccer commentator Teng receives a court summons because his wife Lin asked for a divorce. Lin felt being neglected while Teng was always busy at work, and she had a one-night stand with......

Mandarin   1999   95 min   Cunxin Pu   2021-04-07
 Cunxin Pu Qi xia si 1937 Movie
Qi xia si 1937

Mandarin   2004   105 min   Cunxin Pu   2020-08-06
 Cunxin Pu Da mo zi jing ling Movie
Da mo zi jing ling

Emperor Xuanzong sends Monk Wenhui to pacify the people and bring Shazhou into the Tang Empire....

Mandarin   1986   N/A   Cunxin Pu   2020-06-18
 Cunxin Pu Yun Nan qiu shi Movie
Yun Nan qiu shi

N/A   1994   97 min   Cunxin Pu   2020-03-31
 Cunxin Pu Bell of Purity Temple Movie
Bell of Purity Temple

Mandarin   1992   N/A   Cunxin Pu   2020-03-31
 Cunxin Pu Zui hou de gui zu Movie
Zui hou de gui zu

In 1948, four young girls, daughters of Shanghai's elite, come to America for college. The Communist takeover strands them in the States and one of them, unable to cope with her parents' ......

English, Mandarin   1989   112 min   Cunxin Pu   2020-03-31
 Cunxin Pu
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