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Chaoming Cui
Name: Chaoming Cui

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male




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Movies by Actor Chaoming Cui

Chaoming Cui Tai tai wan sui Movie
Tai tai wan sui

Long Live the Wife, a lively and well-acted comedy, is celebrated fiction writer Eileen Chang's second script. Following immediately from Love without End (1947), it proved to be another ......

Mandarin   1947   90 min   Chaoming Cui   2020-09-24
Chaoming Cui Bus Number 3 Movie
Bus Number 3

Mandarin   1980   N/A   Chaoming Cui   2020-07-04
Chaoming Cui Qiu chang feng bo Movie
Qiu chang feng bo

Staff members of the Shanghai Medical Equipment Supply Bureau want to form an intramural sports association but are opposed by the director....

Mandarin   1957   N/A   Chaoming Cui   2020-06-19
Chaoming Cui Ye lin qu Movie
Ye lin qu

Mandarin   1957   N/A   Chaoming Cui   2020-06-16
Chaoming Cui Fu shi Movie
Fu shi

Mandarin   1950   N/A   Chaoming Cui   2020-06-15
Chaoming Cui Bing lin cheng xia Movie
Bing lin cheng xia

Mandarin   1964   N/A   Chaoming Cui   2020-06-14
Chaoming Cui Jinsha jiang pan Movie
Jinsha jiang pan

Mandarin   1963   N/A   Chaoming Cui   2020-06-09
Chaoming Cui Ashima Movie

Ashima is a brave and beautiful girl of the Sani people, beloved by all. One day as she is down at the lake to fetch water, she hears the sound of a shepherd's flute coming from the hills ......

Mandarin   1964   N/A   Chaoming Cui   2020-06-09
Chaoming Cui Spring in a Small Town Movie
Spring in a Small Town

A lonely housewife finds her monotonous life altered when her childhood sweetheart returns to town....

Mandarin   1948   98 min   Chaoming Cui   2020-04-06
Chaoming Cui Nu lan wu hao Movie
Nu lan wu hao

Mandarin   1957   86 min   Chaoming Cui   2020-03-30
Chaoming Cui
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