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 Ben Niu
Name: Ben Niu

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male




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Movies by Actor Ben Niu

 Ben Niu Rang shi jie chong man ai Movie
Rang shi jie chong man ai

A taxi driver is responsible for an accident that kills a motorcyclist and injures the motorcyclist's sister. The taxi driver treats the sister and the sister's mother kindly and doesn't tell them he was responsible....

Mandarin   1987   N/A   Ben Niu   2020-06-22
 Ben Niu Jia da xia Movie
Jia da xia

A pancake vendor is mistaken for a hero of the Boxers....

N/A   1989   N/A   Ben Niu   2020-06-21
 Ben Niu Bu yao wen wo cong na li lai Movie
Bu yao wen wo cong na li lai

Woman police academy student is about to graduate and participates in a mock training exercise....

Mandarin   1991   N/A   Ben Niu   2020-06-20
 Ben Niu Sha mo li de zhan dou Movie
Sha mo li de zhan dou

A People's Liberation Army division in Xinjiang in 1951 aids in a water conservancy project....

N/A   1956   N/A   Ben Niu   2020-06-19
 Ben Niu Sha mo zhui fei ji Movie
Sha mo zhui fei ji

Mandarin   1959   N/A   Ben Niu   2020-06-14
 Ben Niu Chess King Movie
Chess King

Lesson 1: Greeting Lesson 2: Introduction Lesson 3: Appreciation Lesson 4: Apology Lesson 5: Part and Say Good-bye Lesson 6: Expressing Like and Dislike Lesson 7: Hope and Anticipation ......

Mandarin   1988   88 min   Ben Niu   2020-06-14
 Ben Niu Quan shui ding dong Movie
Quan shui ding dong

Xueli comes to understand the goodness of her aunt....

Mandarin   1982   N/A   Ben Niu   2020-06-14
 Ben Niu To Live Movie
To Live

After Fugui and Jiazhen lose their personal fortunes, they raise a family and survive difficult cultural changes during 1940s to 1970s China....

Mandarin   1994   133 min   Ben Niu   2020-03-31
 Ben Niu The Herdsman Movie
The Herdsman

This movie is adapted from the novel Heroes in Tongbai. Xiao Hua, a sister of Zhao Yongsheng, is deserted by her poor family. He Xiangdong, a woodworker, adopts her and rename her He Cuigu.......

Mandarin   1982   106 min   Ben Niu   2020-03-30
 Ben Niu
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