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 Baocheng Gao
Name: Baocheng Gao

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male




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Movies by Actor Baocheng Gao

 Baocheng Gao Langya shan wu zhuang shi Movie
Langya shan wu zhuang shi

Five soldiers of the Eighth Route Army fight heroically to cover the evacuation of local people from border area between Shanxi and Hebei provinces as the Japanese attack....

Mandarin   1958   N/A   Baocheng Gao   2020-06-24
 Baocheng Gao Fenshui ling Movie
Fenshui ling

A man under the influence of his new bride and father-in-law loses his class awareness....

N/A   1964   N/A   Baocheng Gao   2020-06-22
 Baocheng Gao Feng shui chang liu Movie
Feng shui chang liu

In 1954 natural disasters are overcome at the Xingyuanbao agricultural commune in Shanxi province and a corrupt commune official is exposed....

Mandarin   1963   N/A   Baocheng Gao   2020-06-22
 Baocheng Gao Du jiang tan xian Movie
Du jiang tan xian

People's Liberation Army troops overcome difficulties to find a route to build a bridge to Shizi Mountain....

Mandarin   1958   N/A   Baocheng Gao   2020-06-21
 Baocheng Gao Chunmiao Movie

During the Cultural Revolution, the director of a farm collective studies medicine on her own in order to provide a more effective alternative to the collective's "capitalist" health care ......

Mandarin   1975   N/A   Baocheng Gao   2020-06-14
 Baocheng Gao Nei dang jia Movie
Nei dang jia

Li Qiulan is selected to be the host of former landlord Liu Jingui who had treated her badly....

Mandarin   1982   N/A   Baocheng Gao   2020-06-14
 Baocheng Gao Shang gan ling Movie
Shang gan ling

The story happens in the Korean War (1951-1953)In the autumn of 1952, the American troops launched a large-scale attack by the border between South Korea and North Korea while the ......

Mandarin   1956   124 min   Baocheng Gao   2020-06-09
 Baocheng Gao Lao ren he gou Movie
Lao ren he gou

Mandarin   1993   N/A   Baocheng Gao   2020-04-06
 Baocheng Gao Hong yi shao nu Movie
Hong yi shao nu

Mandarin   1985   N/A   Baocheng Gao   2020-03-30
 Baocheng Gao Life Movie

N/A   1984   125 min   Baocheng Gao   2020-03-30
 Baocheng Gao
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