Writer Vrajendra Gaur (dialogue)

Writer Vrajendra Gaur (dialogue)

Movies by Bollywood Writer Vrajendra Gaur (dialogue)

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Writer Vrajendra Gaur (dialogue) Biography

Vrajendra Gaur (dialogue)
Name: Vrajendra Gaur (dialogue)

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male




Writer Website:

Last updated 2020-03-29 15:21:30

Movies Written by Vrajendra Gaur (dialogue)

Vrajendra Gaur (dialogue) Kati Patang Movie
Kati Patang

A runaway bride promises her dying widowed friend that she will assume her identity and look after her infant child....

Hindi   1970   167 min   Vrajendra Gaur (dialogue)   2020-03-28
Vrajendra Gaur (dialogue) Duniya Movie

An advocate faces heavy odds defending the brother of his sweetheart....

Hindi   1968   N/A   Vrajendra Gaur (dialogue)   2020-03-28
Vrajendra Gaur (dialogue) Baat Ek Raat Ki Movie
Baat Ek Raat Ki

Neela is in police custody for committing a murder. Believing that she did it, she confesses. When renowned lawyer, Rajeshwar decides to represent her, he accepts her guilt, but as he goes ......

Hindi   1962   145 min   Vrajendra Gaur (dialogue)   2020-03-28
Vrajendra Gaur (dialogue) Insan Jaag Utha Movie
Insan Jaag Utha

Gauri lives in a small village in India with her crippled ex-army-man & freedom fighter dad, Laxmandas, and a younger brother, Gulab, and makes a living working as a laborer. One day she ......

Hindi   1959   N/A   Vrajendra Gaur (dialogue)   2020-03-28
Vrajendra Gaur (dialogue) Sitaron Se Aage Movie
Sitaron Se Aage

Hindi   1958   N/A   Vrajendra Gaur (dialogue)   2020-03-28
Vrajendra Gaur (dialogue) Howrah Bridge Movie
Howrah Bridge

Rakesh lives with his brother, Madan, and his dad in Rangoon. Madan has fallen into bad company and steals the family heirloom, in the shape of a dragon, some cash and runs away to India. ......

Hindi   1958   153 min   Vrajendra Gaur (dialogue)   2020-03-28
Vrajendra Gaur (dialogue) Apradhi Kaun? Movie
Apradhi Kaun?

A wealthy man, suspected of murder, is killed before he can be arrested. Everyone in his household is under suspicion. A private investigator looks into the case and finds himself falling in love with one of the suspects....

Hindi   1957   131 min   Vrajendra Gaur (dialogue)   2020-03-28
Vrajendra Gaur (dialogue)

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