Writer Verma Malik

Writer Verma Malik

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Verma Malik
Name: Verma Malik

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male




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Last updated 2020-04-02 13:39:03

Movies Written by Verma Malik

Verma Malik Maujaan Dubai Diyan Movie
Maujaan Dubai Diyan

Two simple-minded men headed for Dubai are instead taken to a slave labor camp....

Panjabi   1985   N/A   Verma Malik   2020-09-07
Verma Malik Honeymoon Movie

An unemployed male, forced to marry a wealthy woman, is not only evicted but must also pose as her servant....

Hindi   1992   160 min   Verma Malik   2020-07-22
Verma Malik Chakkar Pe Chakkar Movie
Chakkar Pe Chakkar

A Bollywood actor goes on the run after being suspected of killing a movie producer....

Hindi   1977   138 min   Verma Malik   2020-06-25
Verma Malik Main Papi Tum Bakhshanhaar Movie
Main Papi Tum Bakhshanhaar

The story of Gurdaspur-based Ranu, whose mother passes away, leaving her in the care of their servant, Rudhumal. Her alcoholic dad is more interested in a prostitute, Rajni, spends all his ......

Panjabi   1976   N/A   Verma Malik   2020-05-22
Verma Malik Aadmi Sadak Ka Movie
Aadmi Sadak Ka

The Nath family consists of Retired Commissioner Upendra, his wife, Savitri; elder son, Madan, who is married to Maya, and they have a son, Ashoo; a second son - Surendra, who is married to......

Hindi   1977   N/A   Verma Malik   2020-04-05
Verma Malik Victoria No. 203 Movie
Victoria No. 203

Numerous plot lines intersect in this comedic romp about a female Victoria-carriage driver who disguises herself as a boy, and the hunt for the stash of diamonds hidden in her Victoria....

Hindi   1972   100 min   Verma Malik   2020-04-03
Verma Malik Nanak Naam Jahaz Hai Movie
Nanak Naam Jahaz Hai

Gurumukh Singh, his wife, and younger brother, Prem, live a fairly harmoniously lifestyle in 1947 India. Both brothers open a contracting business and prosper. Prem gets married to Ratan ......

Panjabi   1969   140 min   Verma Malik   2020-04-02
Verma Malik

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