Writer  Ved Rahi (screenplay)

Writer Ved Rahi (screenplay)

Movies by Bollywood Writer Ved Rahi (screenplay)

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Writer Ved Rahi (screenplay) Biography

 Ved Rahi (screenplay)
Name: Ved Rahi (screenplay)

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Gender: Male




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Movies Written by Ved Rahi (screenplay)

 Ved Rahi (screenplay) Pavitra Paapi Movie
Pavitra Paapi

Kedarnath is employed with a local clock/watch repair shop, owned by a parsimonious Adarshan Lala. Kedarnath goes out of his way to help a destitute woman, Maya, who husband is missing, ......

Hindi   1970   152 min   Ved Rahi (screenplay)   2020-08-30
 Ved Rahi (screenplay) Veer Savarkar Movie
Veer Savarkar

Hindi   2001   165 min   Ved Rahi (screenplay)   2020-05-19
 Ved Rahi (screenplay) Charas Movie

Suraj (Dharmendra) his dad, and sister live in Uganda while their properties and business in India are managed by an employee named Kalicharan. When they are forced to leave Uganda, after ......

Hindi   1976   159 min   Ved Rahi (screenplay)   2020-04-24
 Ved Rahi (screenplay) Mome Ki Gudiya Movie
Mome Ki Gudiya

Ravi, the only son of wealthy widower Rai Bahadur Gangaram, falls in love with fellow-collegian, Sheel, but is shocked to find that she is to be his future step-mother. His father decides ......

Hindi   1972   118 min   Ved Rahi (screenplay)   2020-04-10
 Ved Rahi (screenplay) Aap Aye Bahaar Ayee Movie
Aap Aye Bahaar Ayee

Rohit, Whiskey, and Kumar (Rajendra Kumar, Rajendra Nath, and Prem Chopra respectively) are childhood friends. While travelling to his estate in the company of Whiskey, Rohit meets with ......

Hindi   1971   N/A   Ved Rahi (screenplay)   2020-04-05
 Ved Rahi (screenplay) Be-Imaan Movie

Mohan has abandoned his love, on the eve of his engagement. On the run, he turns into a safe-breaker and thief. Beimaan means untrustworthy. Mohan lives up to the moniker through his ......

Hindi   1972   133 min   Ved Rahi (screenplay)   2020-04-03
 Ved Rahi (screenplay) Bezubaan Movie

A young woman must try to keep a one-night stand that she had in college a secret from her husband who happens to be one of his best friends, and thowart a persistant blackmailer intent on collecting money from her to keep quite about it....

Hindi   1982   137 min   Ved Rahi (screenplay)   2020-03-30
 Ved Rahi (screenplay) Sanyasi Movie

Renukadevi is widowed and the mother of a son named Ram. Her husband had indulged in all possible vices, and passed away unexpectedly. Her father-in-law, Rai, does not want Ram to repeat ......

Hindi   1975   155 min   Ved Rahi (screenplay)   2020-03-29
 Ved Rahi (screenplay) Paraya Dhan Movie
Paraya Dhan

Rajjoo alias Rajni lives in a small village in rural India with her father, Govindram, who is a respected gentleman as well as the village Sarpanch. When Rajni comes of age, Govindram ......

Hindi   1971   N/A   Ved Rahi (screenplay)   2020-03-29
 Ved Rahi (screenplay)

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