Writer Tanuja Chandra (screenplay)

Writer Tanuja Chandra (screenplay)

Movies by Bollywood Writer Tanuja Chandra (screenplay)

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Writer Tanuja Chandra (screenplay) Biography

Tanuja Chandra (screenplay)
Name: Tanuja Chandra (screenplay)

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male




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Movies Written by Tanuja Chandra (screenplay)

Tanuja Chandra (screenplay) Hope & a Little Sugar Movie
Hope & a Little Sugar

A Muslim bike messenger develops a friendship with a married Sikh woman whose husband is killed in the September 11 terrorist attacks....

English, Punjabi   2006   82 min   Tanuja Chandra (screenplay)   2020-08-15
Tanuja Chandra (screenplay) Sur: The Melody of Life Movie
Sur: The Melody of Life

Tina Marie D'Silva lives a middle-class lifestyle in a small town in India along with her widower dad, and elder sister, Rita, who runs 'Rita's Bar' where Tina also works after returning ......

Hindi   2002   N/A   Tanuja Chandra (screenplay)   2020-06-08
Tanuja Chandra (screenplay) Zakhm Movie

Amidst religious riots, a son deals with his mother's life-threatening injuries, and her last request....

Hindi   1998   125 min   Tanuja Chandra (screenplay)   2020-04-08
Tanuja Chandra (screenplay) Tamanna Movie

The year is 1975, the place is Mahim, Bombay, and this is the story of Tikku, a eunuch, the only child of yesteryear Bollywood actress Nazneen Begum, who has fallen upon hard times, is ......

Hindi   1998   127 min   Tanuja Chandra (screenplay)   2020-04-07
Tanuja Chandra (screenplay) Dil To Pagal Hai Movie
Dil To Pagal Hai

A grand musical about three passionate and dreamy characters: Rahul, Pooja and Nisha. Will their dreams come true? Will they find their true love?...

Hindi   1997   179 min   Tanuja Chandra (screenplay)   2020-03-31
Tanuja Chandra (screenplay)

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