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 Sujatha (dialogue)
Name: Sujatha (dialogue)

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Gender: Male




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Movies Written by Sujatha (dialogue)

 Sujatha (dialogue) Bheemaa Movie

Shekar is an ardent admirer of Chinna who runs an underworld gang. Once paired up, the two of them single-handedly take on the streets of Chennai. But Shekar falls in love and wants to be reformed....

Tamil   2008   169 min   Sujatha (dialogue)   2021-10-20
 Sujatha (dialogue) Guru Movie

A villager, Gurukant Desai, arrives in Bombay 1958, and rises from its streets to become the GURU, the biggest tycoon in Indian history....

Hindi   2007   166 min   Sujatha (dialogue)   2020-10-08
 Sujatha (dialogue) Saravana Movie

Saravana (Silambarasan) and Krishna (Krishna) are close buddies in college. Saravana sees a video tape of Krishna's sister Sadhana (Jyothika) studying in London and falls in love with her. ......

Tamil   2006   N/A   Sujatha (dialogue)   2020-10-05
 Sujatha (dialogue) Sivaji Movie

A software engineer comes to India to serve the nation and invest in nation's welfare. A few corrupt officials and politicians try to stop him but he overcomes all obstacles....

Tamil, Hindi, English   2007   188 min   Sujatha (dialogue)   2020-09-25
 Sujatha (dialogue) Ullam Ketkumae Movie
Ullam Ketkumae

The movie is all about a group of five college friends - Shaam (Shaam), Imman (Arya), Pooja (Laila), Priya (Asin) and Irene (Pooja). The friends gather for the wedding of Imman. There ......

Tamil   2005   156 min   Sujatha (dialogue)   2020-09-10
 Sujatha (dialogue) Anniyan Movie

Ramanujam, who suffers from multiple personality disorder, works as a lawyer by day and a vigilante at night. He uses tips from the 'Garuda Purana' as his tools to expose various antisocial elements....

Tamil, Telugu, French, Hindi   2005   181 min   Sujatha (dialogue)   2020-07-08
 Sujatha (dialogue) Ayitha Ezhuthu Movie
Ayitha Ezhuthu

Three men and their accidental meeting on Napier Bridge will change their lives forever....

Tamil   2004   160 min   Sujatha (dialogue)   2020-07-08
 Sujatha (dialogue) Boys Movie

'Boys' is the story of five boys and a girl from different families They are youthful, vibrant, careless violating all conventions and In the process, they discover their hidden talents....

Tamil   2003   172 min   Sujatha (dialogue)   2020-07-07
 Sujatha (dialogue) Sunil Vayassu 20 Movie
Sunil Vayassu 20

Malayalam   1986   N/A   Sujatha (dialogue)   2020-06-22
 Sujatha (dialogue) Kannethirey Thondrinal Movie
Kannethirey Thondrinal

Family opposition to a couple's coming together forms the basis for this standard love story....

Tamil   1998   N/A   Sujatha (dialogue)   2020-06-07
 Sujatha (dialogue) A Peck on the Cheek Movie
A Peck on the Cheek

A little girl is told by her parents that she is adopted. Determined to find her birth mother, she begs to be taken to Sri Lanka, where her mother works with a militant group of activists....

Tamil, Sinhalese, English   2002   123 min   Sujatha (dialogue)   2020-05-25
 Sujatha (dialogue) Kandukondain Kandukondain Movie
Kandukondain Kandukondain

An Indian adaptation of Jane Austen's "Sense and Sensibility" focusing on two sisters of opposing temperaments....

Tamil, English   2000   151 min   Sujatha (dialogue)   2020-04-10
 Sujatha (dialogue) Mudhalvan Movie

A man accepts a challenge to act as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for one day only, and makes such a success of it that soon he is embroiled in political intrigue....

Tamil, Telugu   1999   169 min   Sujatha (dialogue)   2020-04-08
 Sujatha (dialogue) Dil Se.. Movie
Dil Se..

The clash between love and ideology is portrayed in this love story between a radio executive and a beautiful revolutionary...

Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Assamese, Urdu   1998   163 min   Sujatha (dialogue)   2020-04-04
 Sujatha (dialogue) Nadodi Thendral Movie
Nadodi Thendral

Tamil   1992   N/A   Sujatha (dialogue)   2020-04-03
 Sujatha (dialogue) Ninaithale Inikkum Movie
Ninaithale Inikkum

The movie revolves around a music troop who travel to Singapore for a performance and how their life takes a turn when they meet their love partner....

Tamil, Telugu   1979   141 min   Sujatha (dialogue)   2020-04-03
 Sujatha (dialogue) Indian Movie

A veteran freedom fighter enraged with the rising crime and corruption in the society murders all the wrong doers one by one using an ancient martial arts technique....

Tamil, Hindi, Telugu   1996   185 min   Sujatha (dialogue)   2020-03-31
 Sujatha (dialogue)

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