Writer Shyam Gupta (dialogue)

Writer Shyam Gupta (dialogue)

Movies by Bollywood Writer Shyam Gupta (dialogue)

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Writer Shyam Gupta (dialogue) Biography

Shyam Gupta (dialogue)
Name: Shyam Gupta (dialogue)

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male




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Last updated 2020-03-31 12:00:02

Movies Written by Shyam Gupta (dialogue)

Shyam Gupta (dialogue) Dil Pardesi Ho Gayaa Movie
Dil Pardesi Ho Gayaa

Major Ram is one of the soldiers from the Indian army who is involve in the war between India and Pakistan; when he is abducted and held as hostage by the Pakistani army the Indian ......

Hindi, Urdu   2003   150 min   Shyam Gupta (dialogue)   2020-07-19
Shyam Gupta (dialogue) Ghatak: Lethal Movie
Ghatak: Lethal

Unable to witness the injustice and brutality inflict on the residents by a tyrannical gangster, Katya, in a small Indian village in India; Kashinath alias Kashi decides to single-handily ......

Hindi   1996   158 min   Shyam Gupta (dialogue)   2020-03-31
Shyam Gupta (dialogue) Barsaat Movie

Badal comes from a rural village to take an enrollment into a college in the city. He meets his fellow collegian, Tina Oberoi and both gets acquainted with each other and after a few ......

Hindi   1995   166 min   Shyam Gupta (dialogue)   2020-03-31
Shyam Gupta (dialogue)

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