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Sarshar Sailani
Name: Sarshar Sailani

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Movies Written by Sarshar Sailani

Sarshar Sailani Ganga Ki Lahren Movie
Ganga Ki Lahren

Seema and Uma belongs to a Thakur family which earns their bread & butter through stage & dance performances and this leaves Seema disowned by groom's father, right at the time of marriage ......

Hindi   1964   N/A   Sarshar Sailani   2020-08-07
Sarshar Sailani Bewafa Movie

Roopa lives in a chawl in a slum with her alcoholic paternal uncle, who sits at home and forces her to go out to work, earn and buy alcohol for him. Her outlook on life is close to despair,......

Hindi   1952   112 min   Sarshar Sailani   2020-07-04
Sarshar Sailani Majboor Movie

Hindi   1964   N/A   Sarshar Sailani   2020-06-26
Sarshar Sailani Kanyadaan Movie

Two small children, Rekha and Amar, undergo a marriage ceremony under guidance of their respective parents. Years later, Rekha and Amar have grown up, and are now capable of fulfilling ......

Hindi   1968   149 min   Sarshar Sailani   2020-05-31
Sarshar Sailani Aman Movie

Meloda (Saira Banu) who was educated in India, speaks Hindi; though she is Japanese. Dr. Gautamdas (Rajendra Kumar) is a UK trained doctor who volunteers to go to Japan to help deal with ......

Hindi   1967   152 min   Sarshar Sailani   2020-04-09
Sarshar Sailani Ayee Milan Ki Bela Movie
Ayee Milan Ki Bela

Shyam works for Mr. Choudhry, and lives in a small village in India with his mother. Ranjeet, Shyam's childhood friend, returns from overseas, and all are overjoyed to see him back. Ranjeet......

Hindi   1964   N/A   Sarshar Sailani   2020-04-09
Sarshar Sailani Aap Ki Parchhaiyan Movie
Aap Ki Parchhaiyan

A family drama with a special focus on two generations of the Chopra family. Dinanath Chopra lives in a small tenement with his wife, and two sons Baldev, and Chandramohan. Dinanath ......

Hindi   1964   N/A   Sarshar Sailani   2020-04-09
Sarshar Sailani Aaye Din Bahar Ke Movie
Aaye Din Bahar Ke

Ravi is an eligible bachelor, who lives with his mother. The whereabouts of his dad are unknown. He meets with beautiful Kanchan and both fall in love. But fate has other plans for them, as......

Hindi   1966   N/A   Sarshar Sailani   2020-04-09
Sarshar Sailani Aya Sawan Jhoom Ke Movie
Aya Sawan Jhoom Ke

Wealthy Jaishankar meets and falls in love with Aarti, successfully woos her and agrees to meet with her dad to discuss their marriage. On the way there he ironically runs over him, killing......

Hindi   1969   173 min   Sarshar Sailani   2020-04-09
Sarshar Sailani Gunahon Ka Devta Movie
Gunahon Ka Devta

Hindi   1967   154 min   Sarshar Sailani   2020-04-08
Sarshar Sailani Anpadh Movie

A wealthy, pampered and illiterate woman faces many challenges after her marriage....

Hindi   1962   150 min   Sarshar Sailani   2020-04-07
Sarshar Sailani Maa Aur Mamta Movie
Maa Aur Mamta

Father Henry (Rehman) entrusts a newly-born infant in the care of an unwed Maya (Nutan), leaving her to explain the presence of the child. She is literally thrown out of the village and ......

Hindi   1970   148 min   Sarshar Sailani   2020-04-05
Sarshar Sailani

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