Writer R.S. Choudhury

Writer R.S. Choudhury

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Writer R.S. Choudhury Biography

R.S. Choudhury
Name: R.S. Choudhury

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Movies Written by R.S. Choudhury

R.S. Choudhury International Crook Movie
International Crook

Superintendent of Police, Rajesh, is asked to take charge of a police station in Goa, and manage it. Rajesh is aware that his friend, Shekar, also lives there, and he is anxious to see him.......

Hindi   1974   138 min   R.S. Choudhury   2020-08-15
R.S. Choudhury Insaan Aur Shaitan Movie
Insaan Aur Shaitan

Hindi   1970   N/A   R.S. Choudhury   2020-08-04
R.S. Choudhury Neera Movie

This film depicts tribals and presents mysticism and sexuality as primal powers. Neera (Putli), a temple priest's daughter, lives amongst tribals. A Kapalik (Sandow), i.e. a devotee of Kali......

N/A   1926   N/A   R.S. Choudhury   2020-04-03
R.S. Choudhury Khuda Ki Shaan Movie
Khuda Ki Shaan

Ramaki (Sulochana), a poor scheduled caste girl, has an illegitimate daughter by Manekchand; the son of the wealthy Krishnadas. She seeks refuge with a nautch girl. Krishnadas, who also ......

Hindi   1931   N/A   R.S. Choudhury   2020-04-03
R.S. Choudhury Hamari Betiyan Movie
Hamari Betiyan

An epic drama idealizing Indian womanhood. Prince Madan loves university colleague Radha. The villain Lalsingh and his sister Vasanthi get him banned from the realm by the king, but he ......

Hindi   1936   154 min   R.S. Choudhury   2020-04-03
R.S. Choudhury Gaali Movie

Hindi   1944   122 min   R.S. Choudhury   2020-04-03
R.S. Choudhury Lal Haveli Movie
Lal Haveli

Mukta and Anand are childhood friends and love each other. But Mukta belongs to higher social class than Anand and her family wants to arrange her marriage with Jawahar, son of a rich man....

Hindi   1944   N/A   R.S. Choudhury   2020-04-02
R.S. Choudhury Ratan Movie

Govind (Karan Dewan) and Gauri (Swaran Lata) are childhood friends and are in love. But both are from different caste and hence their marriage is not possible in those social times. ONe day......

Hindi   1944   118 min   R.S. Choudhury   2020-03-28
R.S. Choudhury

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