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Ranjan Pramod
Name: Ranjan Pramod

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Gender: Male




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Last updated 2020-05-01 17:06:03

Movies Written by Ranjan Pramod

Ranjan Pramod Photographer Movie

Dijo John, a wild-life photographer, has evidence against a corrupt police officer. His twin brother Joy John sets out to trace him when Dijo goes missing....

Malayalam   2006   147 min   Ranjan Pramod   2021-06-01
Ranjan Pramod Naran Movie

Velayudhan is a good hearted drunkard local rowdy that lives in Mullankoli village. Gopinathan tries to ruin his life and does evil things to the village. Velayudhan has to get rid of him....

Malayalam   2005   150 min   Ranjan Pramod   2020-09-14
Ranjan Pramod Achuvinte Amma Movie
Achuvinte Amma

Malayalam   2005   130 min   Ranjan Pramod   2020-09-01
Ranjan Pramod Manassinakkare Movie

Kochu Thresia, is a rich widow, who craves to 'live' life, but is alienated by her children who are caught in the rat race for making money. At this juncture, she meets the young, ......

Malayalam   2003   152 min   Ranjan Pramod   2020-07-21
Ranjan Pramod Meesha Madhavan Movie
Meesha Madhavan

Its upto a petty thief to break a conspiracy to steal the village Devi's idol....

Malayalam   2002   165 min   Ranjan Pramod   2020-06-23
Ranjan Pramod Randam Bhavam Movie
Randam Bhavam

The life of a ruthless gangster turns upside down when his twin brother, a college professor, is killed in a shootout. He is soon forced to take his brother's place his family he abandoned a long time ago....

Malayalam   2001   N/A   Ranjan Pramod   2020-05-01
Ranjan Pramod

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