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Writer Mohan Nair

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Mohan Nair
Name: Mohan Nair

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Gender: Male




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Last updated 2020-04-10 22:00:03

Movies Written by Mohan Nair

Mohan Nair Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu Movie
Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu

A Police Officer investigates a series of brutal rapes and murders, with the culprits seeming to cover more than one country....

Tamil, Telugu, Hindi   2006   174 min   Mohan Nair   2020-09-08
Mohan Nair Sachein Movie

A love triangle on a college campus between two young students who try to deny their feelings for each other. The entry of a lecturer who has a soft corner for the boy, changes things around....

Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, English   2005   145 min   Mohan Nair   2020-09-06
Mohan Nair Andarivaadu Movie

Govindarajulu (Chiranjeevi) is a labor leader who enjoys life in his own entertaining way. His son Siddardh (Chiranjeevi) heads a popular TV channel. Govindarajulu raises his son Siddardh ......

Telugu, Hindi   2005   162 min   Mohan Nair   2020-08-22
Mohan Nair 12 B Movie
12 B

A young college graduate misses a bus to a job interview - the film examines the possible outcomes had he caught the bus....

Tamil   2001   150 min   Mohan Nair   2020-07-08
Mohan Nair Sahasa Veerudu Sagara Kanya Movie
Sahasa Veerudu Sagara Kanya

Circa 1947 when the British finally left India, they stole a ship-load of gold, diamonds, jewellery, artifacts, etc. Unfortunately, the ship sank, and attempts to recover the wealth has ......

Telugu, Hindi   1996   N/A   Mohan Nair   2020-07-03
Mohan Nair Gemini Movie

A hoodlum faces challenges from a rival gangster and local police after falling in love and deciding to go straight....

Tamil, Hindi, Hindi   2002   147 min   Mohan Nair   2020-06-05
Mohan Nair Devi Movie

Devi, a snake goddess, stays on earth to protect the girl whose father saved her life from greedy relatives and from the snake demon, Dantra....

Telugu   1999   140 min   Mohan Nair   2020-05-26
Mohan Nair Sneham Kosam Movie
Sneham Kosam

Prabhavati lives a wealthy lifestyle in India with her dad, mom, and elder sister, Rani. Rani is of marriageable age and her marriage is arranged with her mom's half-brother, but just after......

Telugu, Hindi   1999   169 min   Mohan Nair   2020-04-11
Mohan Nair Inspector Balram Movie
Inspector Balram

Kannur-based Circle Inspector Balram is married to Seetha, and has a daughter, Amrtha. He faces a lot of hostility, was suspended from work, and even imprisoned, due to his honesty. While ......

Malayalam, Hindi   1991   88 min   Mohan Nair   2020-04-10
Mohan Nair

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