Writer  Madhusudan Kalekar (screenplay)

Writer Madhusudan Kalekar (screenplay)

Movies by Bollywood Writer Madhusudan Kalekar (screenplay)

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Writer Madhusudan Kalekar (screenplay) Biography

 Madhusudan Kalekar (screenplay)
Name: Madhusudan Kalekar (screenplay)

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Gender: Male




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Movies Written by Madhusudan Kalekar (screenplay)

 Madhusudan Kalekar (screenplay) Ek Baar Kaho Movie
Ek Baar Kaho

Ravi Varma is a single eligible bachelor. He meets with Aarti Mathur, and both are attracted to each other. The problem is that Ravi is unable to express his love and attraction for Aarti, ......

Hindi   1980   142 min   Madhusudan Kalekar (screenplay)   2020-06-13
 Madhusudan Kalekar (screenplay) Aamhi Jato Amuchya Gava Movie
Aamhi Jato Amuchya Gava

Aamhi Jato Amuchya Gava was released on 31st December 1968. Movie has been produced & directed by Kamlakar Torne. It tells the story of a honest businessman who is conned by his own partner, yet receives help from three escaped prisoners....

Marathi   1968   133 min   Madhusudan Kalekar (screenplay)   2020-05-10
 Madhusudan Kalekar (screenplay) Holiday in Bombay Movie
Holiday in Bombay

Cousins and avowed bachelors, Nath and Gautam, plan a trip to Bombay with the sole motto of entertainment, fun and frolic. After drinking the cup of pleasure to its full they should return ......

Hindi   1963   N/A   Madhusudan Kalekar (screenplay)   2020-04-25
 Madhusudan Kalekar (screenplay) Jaane-Anjaane Movie

While on a religious pilgrimage, Laxmi Prasad finds an abandoned baby at a temple, when she sees no around, she decides to keep him. When her husband, Shankar, returns from jail, they name ......

Hindi   1971   139 min   Madhusudan Kalekar (screenplay)   2020-04-24
 Madhusudan Kalekar (screenplay) Bluff Master Movie
Bluff Master

An inveterate con man falls in love and realizes the error of his ways after his mother comes to know the truth about him....

Hindi   1963   135 min   Madhusudan Kalekar (screenplay)   2020-04-08
 Madhusudan Kalekar (screenplay) Joroo Ka Ghulam Movie
Joroo Ka Ghulam

Kalpana and Rajesh have a chance encounter, which eventually leads to love. While Rajesh is poor, and lives all by himself, Kalpana comes from a wealthy family, and her dad, Shyamlal wants ......

Hindi   1972   N/A   Madhusudan Kalekar (screenplay)   2020-04-03
 Madhusudan Kalekar (screenplay) Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Man Bhaaye Movie
Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Man Bhaaye

Wealthy businessman, Harkishan, lives in a palatial house, with his womanizing and alcoholic grandson, Prem. He would like Prem to get married, settle down, and look after the business, but......

Hindi   1977   165 min   Madhusudan Kalekar (screenplay)   2020-04-03
 Madhusudan Kalekar (screenplay) Jhumroo Movie

Anjana lives a wealthy lifestyle with her dad, Dwarka Nath, in a hilly region in India. When she returns home after several years, she finds that her dad has become more strict and a ......

Hindi   1961   171 min   Madhusudan Kalekar (screenplay)   2020-04-01
 Madhusudan Kalekar (screenplay) Anjaam Movie

A mansion's new owner deals with the mystery surrounding it, as well as it's previous owner's wife....

Hindi   1978   N/A   Madhusudan Kalekar (screenplay)   2020-03-29
 Madhusudan Kalekar (screenplay) Faraar Movie

When two lovers separated due to financial circumstance are reunited several years later under one roof, sparks fly and emotions run high. How will they resolve this relationship?...

Hindi   1975   136 min   Madhusudan Kalekar (screenplay)   2020-03-29
 Madhusudan Kalekar (screenplay)

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