Writer Kafil Azar

Writer Kafil Azar

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Kafil Azar
Name: Kafil Azar

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Gender: Male




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Last updated 2020-04-10 07:43:02

Movies Written by Kafil Azar

Kafil Azar Tahkhana Movie

A dying Thakur Surjeet Singh bequeaths the entire estate to his son, Raghuvir, disowning the other, Dhurjan, the family's black sheep, who also indulges in black magic. The latter swears to......

Hindi   1986   117 min   Kafil Azar   2020-04-19
Kafil Azar Purani Haveli Movie
Purani Haveli

A rich family eagerly buys an abandoned mansion in a rural area, but later discover that the mansion has a very disturbing and horrifying past....

Hindi   1989   139 min   Kafil Azar   2020-04-19
Kafil Azar The Monster Movie
The Monster

A demon torments the family and friends of Anita in order to take revenge on his death, which was caused by her police-officer father. The rest of the movie is how Anita tackles the demon ......

Hindi   1994   132 min   Kafil Azar   2020-04-19
Kafil Azar Mangal Pandey Movie
Mangal Pandey

Abused by his step-mother; Rajmer, Jaipur-based young Mangal faces more trauma when his father Havaldar Rajnath Pandey is shot dead by Daku Lal Singh. He then gets separated from his sister......

Hindi   1983   N/A   Kafil Azar   2020-04-10
Kafil Azar

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