Writer J.B.H. Wadia

Writer J.B.H. Wadia

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Writer J.B.H. Wadia Biography

J.B.H. Wadia
Name: J.B.H. Wadia

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Movies Written by J.B.H. Wadia

J.B.H. Wadia Alibaba and 40 Thieves Movie
Alibaba and 40 Thieves

Shunned by his family, a male endangers his life after he finds hidden treasure belonging to 40 thieves....

Hindi, Urdu   1954   N/A   J.B.H. Wadia   2020-07-24
J.B.H. Wadia Zimbo Movie

Professor Chakravarty has found the ultimate solution to aging through a chemical formula. Before he could experiment further on this, his dwelling in the jungles is attacked by a pride of ......

Hindi   1958   N/A   J.B.H. Wadia   2020-07-18
J.B.H. Wadia Hind Ka Lal Movie
Hind Ka Lal

Hindi   1940   N/A   J.B.H. Wadia   2020-07-07
J.B.H. Wadia Zabak Movie

Disgraced and exiled for falling in love with a wealthy woman, a healer is forced to become a bandit....

Hindi, Urdu, Parsee, Turkish   1961   N/A   J.B.H. Wadia   2020-07-06
J.B.H. Wadia Hurricane Hansa Movie
Hurricane Hansa

Hansa, daughter of Veer Singh, escapes an attack on her family by the villain Zalim Singh in which her mother is killed, her father injured and her sister Padma abducted. Growing up as a ......

Hindi   1937   145 min   J.B.H. Wadia   2020-04-28
J.B.H. Wadia Miss Frontier Mail Movie
Miss Frontier Mail

Savita, aka Miss 1936, is an amateur hunter while her brother Jayant is an amateur film-maker. Their father, Maganlal, arrested for the murder of a station-master, is defended by their ......

Hindi   1936   161 min   J.B.H. Wadia   2020-04-27
J.B.H. Wadia The Princess and the Hunter Movie
The Princess and the Hunter

Preceded by a legend describing its heroine as a 'Brave Indian girl who sacrificed royal luxuries to the cause of her people and her country', the story opens with a prologue showing ......

Hindi   1935   164 min   J.B.H. Wadia   2020-04-24
J.B.H. Wadia Fashionable India Movie
Fashionable India

Big-budget drama. The idealistic Kusum (Pushpa) believes in the 'fashionable way of modern civilization' and writes a play extolling the virtues of modernization. It is produced by her ......

Hindi   1935   169 min   J.B.H. Wadia   2020-04-24
J.B.H. Wadia Desh Deepak Movie
Desh Deepak

Unusual Parsee theatre-influenced costume thriller. Two sisters vie for power in a kingdom. The elder one, though hampered by a perfidious general, wins and persecutes the younger one who ......

Hindi   1935   160 min   J.B.H. Wadia   2020-04-23
J.B.H. Wadia Lal-e-Yaman Movie

Oriental fantasy derived from classic Parsee theatre. The heir to the Yemeni throne, Prince Parviz, is falsely imprisoned by his stepmother who claims power. Parviz receives a magic dagger ......

Hindi   1933   158 min   J.B.H. Wadia   2020-04-20
J.B.H. Wadia Reporter Raju Movie
Reporter Raju

A well-known reporter goes on the run from the police after becoming a suspect in a homicide....

Hindi, Urdu, Panjabi, English   1962   N/A   J.B.H. Wadia   2020-04-09
J.B.H. Wadia Navjawan Movie

Hindi   1937   N/A   J.B.H. Wadia   2020-04-03
J.B.H. Wadia Madhosh Movie

Hindi   1951   N/A   J.B.H. Wadia   2020-04-02
J.B.H. Wadia

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