Writer  Imtiaz Patel (dialogue)

Writer Imtiaz Patel (dialogue)

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Writer Imtiaz Patel (dialogue) Biography

 Imtiaz Patel (dialogue)
Name: Imtiaz Patel (dialogue)

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male




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Last updated 2020-03-31 16:25:07

Movies Written by Imtiaz Patel (dialogue)

 Imtiaz Patel (dialogue) Tirchhi Topiwale Movie
Tirchhi Topiwale

Anand (Chunky Pandey) is a small-time con artist. He has fallen in love with a rich and wealthy girl, Shikha Oberoi. Shikha also has fallen in love with Anand, but her parents want her to ......

Hindi   1998   N/A   Imtiaz Patel (dialogue)   2020-07-22
 Imtiaz Patel (dialogue) Chalo Ishq Ladaaye Movie
Chalo Ishq Ladaaye

Popular but lonely Bollywood actress, Rani, lives a fairly isolated life, through publicly she is thronged by fans, and has taken to drinking alcohol in a big way. Thus intoxicated she runs......

Hindi   2002   140 min   Imtiaz Patel (dialogue)   2020-06-19
 Imtiaz Patel (dialogue) Yeh Hai Jalwa Movie
Yeh Hai Jalwa

Raj Saxena (Salman Khan) goes to London, expecting his long lost Dad (Rishi Kapoor) to warmly greet him. But things do not go as planned....

Hindi   2002   165 min   Imtiaz Patel (dialogue)   2020-06-05
 Imtiaz Patel (dialogue) Kitne Door... Kitne Paas Movie
Kitne Door... Kitne Paas

Two young Indians, a male named Jatin, and a woman named Karishma, meet on an airplane, who is on it's way to India. Jatin is returning home to get married to a woman named Jaya, who has ......

Hindi   2002   N/A   Imtiaz Patel (dialogue)   2020-05-26
 Imtiaz Patel (dialogue) Ittefaq Movie

Shiva (Sunil Shetty) is a professional hit man. Shiva accepts a contract from Jindal (Mohan Joshi) to kill Vikram (Mukul Dev). Circumstances force Shiva to come to know Mukul first, and ......

Hindi   2001   N/A   Imtiaz Patel (dialogue)   2020-05-15
 Imtiaz Patel (dialogue) Because I Don't Lie Movie
Because I Don't Lie

It's about a lawyer who succeeds professionally by constant lying. His persistent dishonesty infuriates his wife, who threatens to leave him if he doesn't straighten out. Fearful of his ......

Hindi   2001   131 min   Imtiaz Patel (dialogue)   2020-05-15
 Imtiaz Patel (dialogue) Betaabi Movie

Sameer and Sheena's marriage was fixed when they were children, but now she has decided to marry him only on the condition that he will abduct her and take her to Mumbai....

Hindi   1997   188 min   Imtiaz Patel (dialogue)   2020-05-07
 Imtiaz Patel (dialogue) Jodi No.1 Movie
Jodi No.1

Rai Bahadur lives a wealthy lifestyle in Panjim, Goa, along with three brothers, Raman, Kamal, and Ashok along with their respective wives and children. He also has a sister, Shanno, and a ......

Hindi   2001   140 min   Imtiaz Patel (dialogue)   2020-05-02
 Imtiaz Patel (dialogue) Mujhe Meri Biwi Se Bachaao Movie
Mujhe Meri Biwi Se Bachaao

Anand Mathur comes from a middle-class background, but has always dreamed of living in luxury. His dreams take form when he meets with the only daughter, Kamini, of an aging and sick ......

Hindi, Urdu   2001   N/A   Imtiaz Patel (dialogue)   2020-04-27
 Imtiaz Patel (dialogue) Haseena Maan Jaayegi Movie
Haseena Maan Jaayegi

Wealthy Seth Amirchand (Kader Khan) has two problems, namely his two good-for-nothing sons, Sonu (Sanjay Dutt), and Monu (Govinda). Their time is mainly spent on comically attempting to ......

Hindi   1999   147 min   Imtiaz Patel (dialogue)   2020-04-24
 Imtiaz Patel (dialogue) Shastra Movie

One of the employees of Vijay's parents, Babu, is sentence to a long jail term for killing them. In hot pursuit to avenge the death of his parents Vijay wait until Babu is release from jail......

Hindi   1996   N/A   Imtiaz Patel (dialogue)   2020-03-31
 Imtiaz Patel (dialogue)

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