Writer  G.R. Kamath (screenplay)

Writer G.R. Kamath (screenplay)

Movies by Bollywood Writer G.R. Kamath (screenplay)

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Writer G.R. Kamath (screenplay) Biography

 G.R. Kamath (screenplay)
Name: G.R. Kamath (screenplay)

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Gender: Male




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Movies Written by G.R. Kamath (screenplay)

 G.R. Kamath (screenplay) Do Raaste Movie
Do Raaste

Navendu was a young motherless boy when his father married again. The step-mother saw the fear and doubt in the eyes of the boy and she promised him that he will be like a real son to her. ......

Hindi   1969   165 min   G.R. Kamath (screenplay)   2020-03-28
 G.R. Kamath (screenplay) Chirag Movie

Ajay Singh meets with pretty Asha Chibber, and is led to believe that she is wealthy. After a few misunderstandings, he does find out that she is from a poor family. Both do fall in love, ......

Hindi   1969   N/A   G.R. Kamath (screenplay)   2020-03-28
 G.R. Kamath (screenplay) Mera Saaya Movie
Mera Saaya

A lawyer's wife dies in his arms. Yet, another woman - identical in appearance and accused of aiding a gang of bandits - claims to be the lawyer's wife. A courtroom drama ensues....

Hindi   1966   128 min   G.R. Kamath (screenplay)   2020-03-28
 G.R. Kamath (screenplay) Bombai Ka Babu Movie
Bombai Ka Babu

Babu and Malik are two inseparable friends who live in a small town in India. One day they decide to play a prank and steal something. They get caught, while Malik's dad come to bail out ......

Hindi   1960   154 min   G.R. Kamath (screenplay)   2020-03-28
 G.R. Kamath (screenplay) Kala Pani Movie
Kala Pani

Based on A.J.Cronin's 'Beyond This Place', this movie narrates the story of an untiring crusade for justice. A young man, learning about his father's wrongful implication in a ......

Hindi   1958   164 min   G.R. Kamath (screenplay)   2020-03-28
 G.R. Kamath (screenplay)

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