Writer  D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay)

Writer D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay)

Movies by Bollywood Writer D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay)

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Writer D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay) Biography

 D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay)
Name: D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay)

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Gender: Male




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Movies Written by D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay)

 D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay) Phir Kab Milogi Movie
Phir Kab Milogi

Sapna (Mala Sinha) is having fun meeting his employee Rajesh (Biswajit) as Paro, and then, in the city as Sapna; and Rajesh falls for the simplicity of Paro. His heart breaks when he ......

Hindi   1974   132 min   D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay)   2020-04-10
 D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay) Namumkin Movie

Hindi   1988   N/A   D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay)   2020-04-10
 D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay) Kissi Se Na Kehna Movie
Kissi Se Na Kehna

Kailashnath is a widower, and father of an only son, Ramesh. He feels that his son has come of age, and must get married. He goes to see a number of young ladies for him, but is ......

Hindi   1983   N/A   D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay)   2020-04-10
 D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay) Khubsoorat Movie

Nirmala Gupta runs her household and family in a very strict and authoritarian manner. While most of her family resent this, they do obey her and carry out her instructions, so as to be on ......

Hindi   1980   126 min   D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay)   2020-04-10
 D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay) Buddha Mil Gaya Movie
Buddha Mil Gaya

Two unemployed slackers, Bhola and Ajay come across a newspaper advertisement about a missing elderly gentleman, whose estate is worth millions. They come across this male in the Hanging ......

Hindi   1971   N/A   D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay)   2020-04-10
 D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay) Achha Bura Movie
Achha Bura

Mohammad Sher Khan is a Pathan who has re-located to India from Afghanistan and befriends Phagwara-born Veer Singh. Both are quite naive, they steal a truck from a businessman who has 20 ......

Hindi   1983   N/A   D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay)   2020-04-10
 D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay) Parichay Movie

In desperate need of a job, unemployed Ravi (Jeetendra) goes to his maternal uncle (A.K. Hangal) and aunt (Leela Mishra) in their village for a few days. His uncle decides that he can be a ......

Hindi   1972   145 min   D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay)   2020-04-08
 D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay) Khushboo Movie

Kusum and Brindavan are two small children living in a small village in India. Both love each other, and decide to marry when they grow up. Kusum has his name tattooed on her arm. But fate ......

Hindi   1975   132 min   D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay)   2020-04-08
 D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay) Abhinetri Movie

A chance meeting between an Assistant Scientist, Shekar, and an established stage dancer and singer, Anjana, results in love. While Shekar has a mother who lives separately, Anjana has been......

Hindi   1970   154 min   D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay)   2020-04-05
 D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay) Sanjh Aur Savera Movie
Sanjh Aur Savera

Dr. Shankar Chaudhry lives a wealthy lifestyle in Bombay with his widowed mom, Rukmini, and younger sister, Manju. His mom would like him to get married to Ambala-based Advocate ......

Hindi   1964   N/A   D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay)   2020-04-02
 D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay) Majhli Didi Movie
Majhli Didi

Kishen a small village boy,finds himself transported to his married step sister Kadambini after his widowed mothers death. Kadambini takes her brothers responsibility with the intention of ......

Hindi   1967   136 min   D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay)   2020-04-02
 D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay) Anuradha Movie

A lonely housewife, who gave up her promising singing career to marry an idealistic village-doctor, begins to regret her decision....

Hindi   1960   141 min   D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay)   2020-04-02
 D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay) Anupama Movie

Mohan Sharma (Tarun Bose) is a workaholic, whose life changes dramatically after his wife dies upon giving birth to their daughter Uma (Sharmila Tagore). He despises the daughter by day, ......

Hindi   1966   148 min   D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay)   2020-04-02
 D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay) Zameen Aasmaan Movie
Zameen Aasmaan

Hindi   1984   N/A   D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay)   2020-03-30
 D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay) Bemisal Movie

When two twin brothers Sudhir and Adhir get orphaned upon the death of their father, Magistrate Chaturvedi adopts them and brings them up like his own children. Though Adhir goes insane ......

Hindi   1982   142 min   D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay)   2020-03-30
 D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay) Chupke Chupke Movie
Chupke Chupke

A newly wedded husband plays a practical joke on his wife's family with full support from his wife and friends....

Hindi   1975   146 min   D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay)   2020-03-29
 D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay) Namak Haraam Movie
Namak Haraam

Somnath (Somu) lives in a shanty house in a Delhi slum with his widowed mom, and unmarried sister, Sarla. He is friendly with Calcutta-based wealthy Vikram (Vicky) Maharaj. When Vicky's dad......

Hindi   1973   146 min   D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay)   2020-03-29
 D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay) Guddi Movie

A teenage girl will not accept her family's attempt to arrange a marriage for her, as her heart is currently too full of love for the movies and heartthrob actor "Dharmendra."...

Hindi   1971   121 min   D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay)   2020-03-29
 D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay) Anand Movie

The story of a terminally ill man who wishes to live life to the full before the inevitable occurs, as told by his best friend....

Hindi   1971   122 min   D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay)   2020-03-28
 D.N. Mukherjee (screenplay)

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