Writer Akhtar Mirza (story)

Writer Akhtar Mirza (story)

Movies by Bollywood Writer Akhtar Mirza (story)

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Writer Akhtar Mirza (story) Biography

Akhtar Mirza (story)
Name: Akhtar Mirza (story)

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male




Writer Website:

Last updated 2020-03-29 15:21:30

Movies Written by Akhtar Mirza (story)

Akhtar Mirza (story) Waqt Movie

Members of a family are separated in a natural disaster. Several years down the line, they aren't united but their lives are strangely interconnected....

Hindi, English   1965   178 min   Akhtar Mirza (story)   2020-03-28
Akhtar Mirza (story) Naya Daur Movie
Naya Daur

Shankar lives in a remote village in rural India with his mother and sister, Manju, and drives a horse-carriage for a living. The main employer in the region is a kind-hearted businessman ......

Hindi   1957   173 min   Akhtar Mirza (story)   2020-03-28
Akhtar Mirza (story) Bawre Nain Movie
Bawre Nain

Chand lives in a small rural town in India. He is unable to pay the rent, and his landlord evicts him. He re-locates to another town and meets with a young woman named Tara. Both are ......

Hindi   1950   138 min   Akhtar Mirza (story)   2020-03-28
Akhtar Mirza (story)

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