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 Short Journey Across India Movie
Journey Across India

Actress Aishwarya Rai narrates and re-enacts aspects of the life of Mumtaz, the inspiration for the construction of India's Taj Mahal....

English   2007   40 min   Short   2020-06-19
 Short The Cherry on Top Movie
The Cherry on Top

Hindi   2005   15 min   Short   2021-04-15
 Short Elephant Boy Movie
Elephant Boy

A true story featuring the boy who lived it. An Indian beggar boy thief with huge, deformed feet tries to escape his harsh city life in Mumbai. Inspired by a photograph of a mountain, he embarks on a spiritual journey of penance and hope....

Hindi   2005   26 min   Short   2020-08-23
 Short Mystic India Movie
Mystic India

11-year old Neelkanth has long dreamed of being a Yogi, and in the darkness of the rainy evening of June 29, 1792 he secretly leaves his family behind in the Northern India city of Ayodhya ......

English   2005   40 min   Short   2020-07-26
 Short Notes from Rishikesh Movie
Notes from Rishikesh

About travellers who disappear in India and following the making of 'Letters From Rishikesh', the fiction feature film about the same subject shot in India in 2003....

Hebrew, English   2004   27 min   Short   2020-08-26
 Short India, 1964 Movie
India, 1964

A look at Capital Punishment in India during the sixties. A fictional piece set in a historic background during which anti-capital punishment revolutions started. It depicts a father's dilemma when his own son is sentenced to death...

Hindi   2004   26 min   Short   2021-03-25
 Short A World Without Pity Movie
A World Without Pity

An exploration of the parallel increase in awareness of HIV/AIDS in India and of gays and lesbians. Unlike elsewhere the disease is NOT seen as a 'gay' disease....

English, Hindi   2004   30 min   Short   2020-08-02
 Short With 500 Rupees to Heaven Movie
With 500 Rupees to Heaven

Jan traveled trough the heavy traffic in this south Indian metropolis using the most convenient mean of transportation: The Rickshaw. Thomas was filming. But when the driver asked for the ......

English   2004   10 min   Short   2020-09-24
 Short Everything Movie

N/A   2004   8 min   Short   2020-08-06
 Short Avchetan Movie

A father hides his relationship with a male lover from his daughter....

N/A   2004   11 min   Short   2020-08-25
 Short El secreto mejor guardado Movie
El secreto mejor guardado

Spanish   2004   19 min   Short   2021-03-29
 Short Aap Jaise Koi Movie
Aap Jaise Koi

Bollywood song and dance meets daydream in the cook's musings....

English, Hindi   2004   4 min   Short   2020-08-22
 Short Ek Aakash Movie
Ek Aakash

This film aims to show how cheerful life can be, without conflict and animosity. Life gets complex and lost in petty jealousy and ego clashes. Since we already have conflicts, let us together find a solution to overcome them....

Hindi   2004   16 min   Short   2020-10-01
 Short Little Terrorist Movie
Little Terrorist

The movie revolves around Jamal, a 10 year old Pakistani Muslim boy. While he was playing cricket near the Indo-Pak border with some of his friends, he crossed the Indian side of the border......

Hindi   2004   15 min   Short   2020-08-12
 Short Mulit Movie

N/A   2003   10 min   Short   2020-07-23
 Short The Pink Mirror Movie
The Pink Mirror

A unique film coming from India where homosexuality is still taboo, The Pink Mirror (Gulabi Aaina), is a colorful funny look into the Indian homosexual closet....

Hindi   2003   40 min   Short   2020-07-16
 Short Freedom Song Movie
Freedom Song

N/A   2003   8 min   Short   2020-05-10
 Short War or Peace Movie
War or Peace

N/A   2003   1 min   Short   2020-07-07
 Short Glimpse of Dawn Movie
Glimpse of Dawn

English   2003   N/A   Short   2020-09-05
 Short Butterfly Movie

English, Hindi   2003   23 min   Short   2020-04-27
 Short Rasikan Re Movie
Rasikan Re

Hindi   2003   N/A   Short   2020-08-04
 Short Right Here, Right Now Movie
Right Here, Right Now

A young man in his haste to go some place takes two actions - he screams at his mother for making him late, and he lovingly appreciates his brother's painting. By doing so, he strikes off ......

Hindi, English, Gujarati, Malayalam, Marathi   2003   28 min   Short   2020-08-01
 Short A Very Very Silent Film Movie
A Very Very Silent Film

An exploration of the social ills that affect women in poverty: another woman dies again on the streets after living a life of mental and physical abuse....

N/A   2002   5 min   Short   2020-05-29
 Short Shabana! Actor, Activist, Woman Movie
Shabana! Actor, Activist, Woman

English   2002   30 min   Short   2020-06-12
 Short Birju Movie

N/A   2002   14 min   Short   2020-05-19
 Short That Is Movie
That Is

Set in Benares, two priests set out on a journey to discover "That."...

N/A   2002   20 min   Short   2020-05-27
 Short sIDney Movie

A hit man redeems himself after an encounter with his boss....

English   2002   15 min   Short   2020-05-30
 Short Khoj Movie

N/A   2002   26 min   Short   2020-05-29
 Short Jojo and the Chair Movie
Jojo and the Chair

N/A   2001   6 min   Short   2020-07-11
 Short Oh Man! Movie
Oh Man!

A man is a loving, passionate, soulful, large-hearted, dedicated animal who happens to have bunked moral science classes in school....

English   2001   5 min   Short   2020-09-08
 Short Must Tell Her... That I Love Her Movie
Must Tell Her... That I Love Her

N/A   2001   6 min   Short   2020-07-11
 Short The Laughing Club of India Movie
The Laughing Club of India

Portrait of the first laughing club in India, its founding by a doctor who believes that laughter is the best medicine, his outreach to schools, interviews with club members, scenes of ......

English   2001   28 min   Short   2020-05-05
 Short Silent Voices Movie
Silent Voices

N/A   2001   26 min   Short   2020-06-30
 Short As Night Falls Movie
As Night Falls

Hindi   2000   20 min   Short   2020-06-22
 Short The Tightrope Walker Movie
The Tightrope Walker

N/A   2000   15 min   Short   2020-07-06
 Short Tonight No Show Movie
Tonight No Show

N/A   2000   6 min   Short   2020-07-11
 Short Vehicle with the Soul of a Man Movie
Vehicle with the Soul of a Man

N/A   2000   20 min   Short   2020-04-15
 Short Man-Horse of Calcutta Movie
Man-Horse of Calcutta

Documentary on the life of a rikshaw-puller in Calcutta....

English, Bengali   2000   N/A   Short   2020-05-28
 Short Let's Talk a While Movie
Let's Talk a While

N/A   1999   N/A   Short   2020-05-24
 Short Tasty Titbits Movie
Tasty Titbits

A Corporate Executive looks forward to a more eventful evening than usual. He attends to every detail from chilling the wine to planning the gourmet meal. See what happens when he tackles ......

English   1999   5 min   Short   2020-08-12
 Short Kalamandalam Gopi Movie
Kalamandalam Gopi

N/A   1999   43 min   Short   2020-05-10
 Short Through an Eye Darkly Movie
Through an Eye Darkly

N/A   1999   N/A   Short   2020-05-25
 Short Summer in My Veins Movie
Summer in My Veins

A young man has takes an HIV test after finding out that a man with whom he's had unsafe sex is HIV positive. Before he can get the results of his test though he's committed to a trip with his mother who he's decided to come out to....

English   1999   41 min   Short   2020-07-26
 Short Surabhi Movie

N/A   1999   N/A   Short   2020-07-07
 Short The Vanishing People of Little Andaman Movie
The Vanishing People of Little Andaman

The film gives the audience a rare chance to explore the lives of the Negrito hunting-gathering tribe of this island now threatened with extinction. It is only the third film made on the ......

English   1998   24 min   Short   2020-09-16
 Short Fakir Movie

Hindi   1998   N/A   Short   2020-07-04
 Short Anpoove Movie

Seethalakshmi was born in an uprooted tribal family, now settled on the banks of a river in North Kerala, India. She grew up adhering to the traditionally well-defined roles of a girl child......

Malayalam   1997   20 min   Short   2020-04-01
 Short Snake-Byte Movie

English   1997   10 min   Short   2020-07-22
 Short Bomgay Movie

Based on the gay poetry of R. Raj Rao, "BOMGaY" is a collection of six vignettes that depict the underground and twisted nature of the gay identity in urban India. Part Genet, part ......

Hindi   1996   12 min   Short   2020-03-31
 Short Hypnothesis Movie

N/A   1996   24 min   Short   2020-07-11
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